SKT vs G2 | Semifinals Game 5 | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational | SK telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports


2019 Mid-Season Invitational Knockout Stage #MSI2019
Semi-Finals Day 2

SK telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports – Game 5

SK telecom T1 Lineup:
Khan – Top Kennen
Clid – Jungle Jarvan IV
Faker – Mid LeBlanc
Teddy – Bot Varus
Mata – Support Braum

G2 Esports Lineup:
Wunder – Top Pyke
Jankos – Jungle Rek’Sai
Caps – Mid Lissandra
Perkz – Bot Syndra
Mikyx – Support Galio

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  1. i love wunder so so much.
    As he runs in after the game to grab the other two in happiness XD he's so UNDERAPRECIATED! -.-
    He's always the guy that has to take the shit end of the stick…yeah hea take the Camille into Jayce.
    yeah…hmm try Soraka vs aatrox Wunder? DONT FUCK UP :). you'll have to take the Vlad into the Renekton wunder…we NEED him. sry
    AND STILL, he does it. WITHOUT WUNDER the G2 line up would simply CRASH AND BURN. As much as I love the other guys too! (don't get me wrong)
    But wunder is like the Packing Mule of the team he does ALL the work for the others to be flashy…EVEN MIKY.

  2. g2 owned by a Io lq spanese par@site. he cheated and used propaganda to win, as all spanese par@sites know to do

  3. very good interview from Caps, confident an provocative but not too cocky.
    more of that and less over-cocky assholery please.

  4. it was skt with mata and not effort faker without form basically skt wasnt confident at all! now 3-0 for them i am so sure about it.

  5. Someone know the name of the song at the end?
    This face off bo5 was incredible that recap at the end was so dope and the music just really glued it perfectly together
    So if anyone could tell me the title, would be dope 😀

  6. G2 playing SOOO GOOD…

    I got SO angry when they nearly THREW AWAY all their GREAT WORK in those RIDICULOUSLY CRAP team fights in blue jngl near baron and mid 2 vs 5 BOTH TIMES wunder standing around DOING NOTHING -.-


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