So Malphite Got A New $10,000 Prestige Skin… I Made Him a 700+ ARMOR GOLD TANK – League of Legends


Gosu VOICE Asssistant, download for free here: – foggedftw

So Malphite Got A New $10,000 Prestige Skin… I Made Him a 700+ ARMOR GOLD TANK – League of Legends
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  1. The Man Himself says

    I'm really happy you are being sponsored, love your content. More power to you

  2. Maxwell Boutte says

    fogged is slowly teaching me how to not get tilted when people do dumb shit and just laugh it off-. great channel man keep it up.

  3. Issac Callum says


  4. Tee says

    As if you thought tryndamere gameplay is boring enough, this guy proves you wrong

  5. Stefan Pupaleski says

    6 frozen heart is most armor i think

  6. Moe Lester says told me that im trash and to go play mario kart

  7. Andre McCamey says

    We gonna ignore Aphelios' name?

  8. Slow Reactiunz says

    how many cuts to do an ad read O.O

  9. Rusty Dusty says

    Imagine playing a game of league and going against Rammus, Malphite, Taric, Thresh and Ornn while your whole team is AD

  10. morvek thar says

    malphite doesnt have a growth mechanic how are you going to be massive or enormous by the end? now if you were cho'gath maby

  11. Horrible little awful Ghoul says

    I like fogged he has a good attitude and good mechanics.

  12. Emmanuel Bekele says

    314 armour
    2k hp
    no extra ap
    ad from passive
    fking gross. it would be better if you got something like hexgun or more hp. this is just unfair that you get away with that in 6 kills. if there were any incentive to not feed and just farm, this fking champ is it.

  13. Eskijoe says

    black hole btw. if u didn't know champ.

  14. Rick N says

    "Dark Star prestige edition where I literally have a… like a- a fucking sun right here"
    Is it perhaps a… Dark Star?

  15. taco shops says


  16. Codsplat Maj says

    "A sun"

  17. Ob Pavuk says

    wish they made epic skin for our rock boi every time I see those terrible animations I die a little inside

  18. Onzaga of the East says

    is it really 10k? ??????

  19. Tmag Odinson says

    this maplh skin is sick but it is also a wow mount lol

  20. Cory Scopis says

    advertises but doesn't even use it for the video… SHILL. SHAM. PHONY. SHAME.

  21. FrigidJoe says

    Oh lord, his tab flutter clicking is giving me an aneurism.

  22. Картошка says

    10.000$ realy? I was thinking this skin 999999$ hmm okey

  23. stephen Jones says

    took me a seocnd to realize he is playing vs moe

  24. Christopher R says

    Before watching this video, I had never even heard of League of Legends, but after downloading Gosu AI, I knew everything this guy was talking about.

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