Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi (Vietnam): a review (+ Halong Bay tour)


Read my review (pros & cons) of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi here:

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  1. Samstyle Entertainment says

    Man I love your videos. Increadible!
    Just one thing I would adjust a little: The noise of the surroundings is too heavy on the base and too loud.
    Changing it would make it the perfect videos! ❤️

  2. Judith O'Connor says

    I’ve stayed at the Metropole in December 2000 and it is beautiful and historic.

  3. William Thompson says

    You just took an old warrior on a fabulous tour of the best of what used to be the capital city of my enemy. I always admired the grace and beauty of the Vietnamese people – even amidst a terrible war. I have fine friends to this day because of it – one being my hair stylist, and we speak some Vietnamese together. I am so pleased to see the Metropole survived the battles in all her splendor – a cathedral among fine hotels. Your talent is truly appreciated. Cảm ơn rât nhiều!

  4. charla samuel says

    Nice atmosphere but i couldn't sleep at night because of the loud music from the bar at the pool.

  5. ベトナム人です says

    31 hàng điếu hotel hà nội rendezvous

  6. Marino says

    Wouahhhh….c'est vraiment très très beau et très très accueillant ! J'irai sûrement un jour…ou du moins, je l'espère ! 😎💓💓💓

  7. annecy49 says

    How can you not feel serene in such a calm and gorgeous environment? It's like a time-machine. Magnifique !

  8. Dyfan Alvin says

    Best viewed with 1,5x speed

  9. AvariceUntied says

    It's amazing that these old buildings are still there when you consider that Hanoi was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War (Operation Linebacker).

  10. Alvin Leong says

    Feels like you could retire there and write a novel!

  11. Duong Do says

    President Donal Trump & Kim Jung Un meeting at there

  12. Traveling exotics says

    25:41, beautiful song!

  13. Raymond Woo says

    Thank you for making this gorgeous video!

  14. Đạt Huỳnh Chấn says

    Em cám ơn anh ạ

  15. Dylan says

    I also visited the Halong Bay and had a private cruise. Very beautiful but it's a 3 and a half hour drive from Hanoi.

  16. Dylan says

    I had the pleasure of staying in this hotel in July of 2018 and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life so far.

  17. Phu Vu says

    Why so perfect

  18. EN says

    I stayed here 3 days in 2004 on a holiday to visit Vietnam and Cambodia for 10 days, this hotel was already truly amazing!

  19. Trevor Dodd says

    Enjoyed an exquisite French meal here during one of several visits

  20. DK says

    No it laid down, or sat on my bed (on the other side). The matress moved and i heard a sigh like someone was going to sleep!

  21. Narayana Narayana says

    Not good,because this room is smaller than other hotels.

  22. Thi Huynh says

    how much is a night at this hotel?

  23. DK says

    This hotel is haunted!!

  24. Charlie H says

    How noisy was the traffic outside your historic wing room?

  25. Charlie H says

    Any security issues while roaming Hanoi? Any other concerns (food, water, etc.)?

  26. Janet Velazquez says

    were there places u would have wanted to see that u didn't get a chance to see on this trip? the opera side of the hotel was my favorite…thanks for sharing

  27. Faye Edwards says

    This is a beautiful video. You did a great job and show everything inside and outside of the hotel. I will be staying there in Jan 2019. I am really looking forward to it. Thank you very much.

  28. eniretak33 Pal says

    Beaucoup de beauté dans cet hotel et de sérénité aussi surement.
    La nourriture, on fait confiance, on sait à l'avance que c'est délicieux.
    Et meci pour ces images finales de la baie de Halong.

  29. Teddy Tretyakov-badkov says

    SHE? You think Maugham was a woman – nay and the final letter is "m," not N.

  30. rustic roots says

    what a beautiful hotel, historical buildings should always be preserved, once gone they are lost to our memories and eventually, forever. thanks for sharing your videos!!

  31. Raymond Woo says

    Your videos are the very Best travel & hotel videos in the entire YouTube site! Thank You so much for making incredible, beautiful, and very informative videos for us travelers to choose hotels for our travels.

  32. mikewin says

    Probably we were in the same time in Vietnam and Hanoi. What a pity I didn't know my favourite trip reporter. As always a beautiful video. Although Vietnam is gorgeous, Hanoi, in my point of view, was the weakest point of my journey through this beautiful country

  33. Mike Weston says

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. This my friend is a classic. Moving, Touching, Emotional, and it makes me forget everything but the world of Vietnam. Now I see why Anthony Bourdain ( Parts Unknown ) fell in love with this country at first sight while he stayed at the Metropole. You just got a new subscriber. Thank You

  34. Cici Nguyen says

    Very peaceful and nice. Glad Viet Nam still keeps its history.

  35. TheRuby47 says

    Nice music do you know the title?

  36. Kim Jong-un says

    When did you visited Vietnam Spring or summer time ? When is the best time to visit I'm thinking April .

  37. Michaela Falck says

    What an amazing place. You can still feel the spirit of it’s history. IMO the Metropolitan historic looked more appealing to me than the Opera Wing. How many days of staying would you recommend in Hanoi to do the most important sightseeing spots? Maybe a combination of some sightseeing and afterwards a nice place at the beach sounds good. Maybe you have some advice.

  38. hoy83 says

    Great video.. may i ask where do you get music such as the piano piece thats playing in your video? It sounds so nice.. thank you in advance

  39. Jon Arnold says

    Awesome hotel, one of my all time favourites. Love the video by the way.

  40. Urban VIII says

    Near end of video, what geological even caused these huge rocks to emerge from the water?

  41. Urban VIII says

    @3:30, this is one of the most tasteful hotel lobbies I have ever seen anywhere. Amazing sense of design, destined to give rest and pleasure.

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