Song Hye Kyo – Hyun Bin reunited: HOT – 2 Proofs ! This time is the truth?


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  1. if its not true why HB still not denying it…issues like this the man shld be the first to gve a statement..
    being silence means 2 maybes…first maybe HB is benefies with it…being link wd SHK gives him more publicity..second maybe he still feels smethng for SHK but its complicated…

  2. only you and hyun bin knows what the real score between you two. if all this, is just a waste then there is nothing we can do but, remember we're here for you.#SongHyeKyoFans

  3. I hope they come back as a couple, there is a way for them to come back to each other's arm, and for those haters out there mine ur own business, it's their life if they still have feelings for each other.

  4. If this is true
    I'll rest my case
    But I have faith on Hyun Bin n Ye Jin
    No matter what happens they'll be back on their arms each other
    God bless
    천생연분 김태평 손언진님

  5. It’s totally a Big Bang in Asian countries if it happens they are most awaited partner in real life to come back

  6. song hye kyo don't deserve a harst comment from the other people here. she did nothing to all of you guys. these news are only gossip or rumours that anyone of the subject not confirming it. please enough and stop being childish. thank you and godbless us all

  7. I hate this rumors as her ex fans n shipper blaming shk, she do nothing. This is just speculation.
    People who have lots of time create rumors and fantasy of their own.
    All of these celebrities have their own life.
    To the shippers that downgrading other actress/actor because of rumors like this really have low mentality.

  8. past is past we are waiting for there future hyun bin and son ye Jin is perfect couple not song hyo kyo she is not deserving for hyun bin..

  9. What's wrong with this rumor? if hyun bin like hye kyo then so be it, after all they have past relationship to be continue with


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