SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization – Deluxe Edition – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch


SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization – Deluxe Edition will be coming to Nintendo Switch in spring 2019! Join Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and other familiar faces as the beloved characters jump into a new Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), “Sword Art: Origin”, and travel through the world of Ainground to discover the truth behind this new virtual universe. SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization – Deluxe Edition will be the first Sword Art Online game to be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch and will include season pass content “Abyss of the Shrine Maiden” and “Warriors of the Sky”.

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  1. Ayudaaaa!!! Porfavor, hace unos dias compre él juego pero no me deja jugar multijugador saben porque??? Me dice que la versión del software no es la misma y no me puedo conectar saben que puedo hacer? Gracias de antemano.

  2. This is stupid I want SAO Integral Factor to come to the switch, not this bs I'm sicking of always playing Kirito!

  3. For others who have the game on other consoles do we have to play right throw the entire story AGAIN and grind levels or do we get to skip and level up like the ps4/psvita?

  4. is this game challenging at all? like is it based on difficulties or something like that? it looks easy and repetitive imo

  5. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
    Fate/Extella Link
    LOZ: Link's Awakening (Remake)
    Astral Chain

    And now THIS?!!!!


  6. At least the Switch is easier to mistake for a tablet than a PS4.
    After all this time, automating the battles will finally make sense.

  7. Since everyone hates SAO now that makes people liking SAO real anime gourmets because if you like something the mainstream hates it means you have refined taste. 😀

  8. Please anyone! Where of the timeline is this? Is it a recreation of the beginning? I don't know these things and I can't find an answer

  9. So with Pokemon Let's Go, Smash, and Tales of Vesperia…
    SAO Hollow Realization
    FE Three Houses
    SAO Fatal Bullet
    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    … Shut up and take my money ! ~

  10. Oh wow, I already have this game on my Vita. I think I'll pass on the Switch because the Vita already has the games I want to play.

  11. If they could quit being cheap and give it English voice acting id def get it. Can only take so much of the Japanese voice acting.


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