THE BEST DECKS TO WIN IN CLASH ROYALE (MAY 2020) || Top 5 Global Tournament Decks for Season 11!


Clash Royale’s Season 12 Global Tournament is starting up soon, here are the best decks to run in the upcoming meta! Enjoy!
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Royal Hogs Fireball Bait:
Royal Giant Earthquake:
Lavahound Control:
Goblin Giant Sparky:
Balloon Cycle:
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  1. Legendaray says

    Me: presses render on the "Top 5 Decks" vid
    CWA: immediately uploads a "Top 5 Decks" vid
    Me: cri

    this is so sad
    can we use code “legendaray” in the shop

  2. archie gChan says

    Mga chekwa na to naghatid ng virus dto. Mga mandaraya

  3. *Daan Kk* says

    im no racism but i hate chinese

  4. Darragh O Shea says

    These decks do nothing my all legendary deck is better then these all

  5. Nikolaj Grazhdankin says

    Legendaray: uses sparky deck
    doesnt use sparky once
    Sparky: am i a joke to you?

  6. archie gChan says

    Tangna nyo chekwa madadaya talaga kayo level 8 puro legendary putang na nyo madadaya kayo

  7. Hana Hanti says

    Sur le gas il a le coronavirus

  8. Abhishek S Rao says

    This is such an underrated channel. U have sub from my side.

  9. Jhonny Ruiz says

    Fun fact: every Asian guy will beat you

  10. Bru_h says

    When you can only use the non-legend deck because the legends you have aren't in the vid. 😔😔😟

  11. GaMeR fOr EvEr says

    For me, goblin giant sparky is the best. Thank you so much man you helped me getting to 5000 trophies with this Deck ♥️

  12. Jatin Bist says

    Watch from 1:18

  13. NL Luke says

    Me: still plays with 2yo deck

  14. shivashish bodhade says

    Hey man that first deck is not good it's the worst I lost every match not won even a single match with it and i tried all the deck i didn't won and single match with all those deck i lost 500 trophy during this experiment of the deck

  15. 앙준찌핑찌 says

    0:01 no watch


  16. Awe-some Gaming says

    Love from India 🇮🇳💖💖

  17. bruh moment says

    legendaray bro good game yo

  18. Mohd Farhan says

    Thanks man. 👍👉💪

  19. Mohd Farhan says

    Thanks man. 👍👉💪

  20. Aiden Kang says

    He said season 12 and the screen said season 11 😂🤣

  21. Adam Riekert says

    Double Barrell-Dual Lane Pressure
    Feat. OP defense

    Firecrack; Log
    Nightwitch; Electro Drag
    Skele Barrell; Gob Barrell
    Gob Cage; Royal D

  22. Djsvampen says

    Royal champion deck sucks as well as u do

  23. Caca mama72 says

    69K views…. nice

  24. ry official says

    Haha i heard the stranger things ost

  25. Gnobilshik says

    Нашел того шизика который сделал тупое испытание

  26. Dylan Martinez says

    Best deck for arena 12?

  27. Icon - NOskin says

    Thank you, because of you I am now top 800 in the world because I used the first deck

  28. shlokss Chavhan says

    I have my own effective 1.prince 2.princes 3.electrowizard 4.rocket spirits 6.bats 7.giant skeleton 8.miner seems to be awesome deck against any deck


    Whats the meaning of Control and Beatdown? Please explain.

  30. :Daniel says

    Where do you get the pentagon thing for versatility, f2p etc?

  31. Saint Morgan says

    guys you can join my clan if u want Glo gang leader morgannnfr

  32. UzumakiEditz says

    its Spelled Legendary

  33. Miika Lahtinen says

    I have all ways been Pekka In my deck. Pekka is best 👍

  34. Give says

    Can you please do it for level or arena 7 and under

  35. Justine Batino says

    did he just say season 11.. fill me out here yoo

  36. Korea BLOB says

    Korean Blobs Sparky cycle
    (Maxed out sparky and giant skelly recommended):
    Sparky, Giant Skelly, Valk, Zap, Minions, Bats, Bomber, Fire Spirits;26000011;26000005;28000008;26000020;26000013;26000049;26000031

    Info: currently at 6700 trophies, this deck is defensive and counter attack. Be patient and use Giant Smelly as a bait bomb or push a tower. Bomber is for behind the GS, use sparky for defence, put GS or valk in front of it when offensive, Fire spirits combat bats, minion hordes, gob barrel, etc.

  37. OmegaLegend says

    You need to help the people that don’t understand nerdie clash words plz

  38. Shashank Poojary says

  39. Ruben says

    Bro help me in ladder

  40. Khushi Sharma says

    Thanks legendaray your decks helps me a lot
    Please also make a vid on decks for sudden death challenge ❤️

  41. Robert Franić says

    I did 8 wins with Royal Giant Earthquake.

  42. Dimitrios Avram says

    One question ! Clan war update where are they coming?? Plz tell me

  43. Grave eSports says

    Plot twist :- he was not wearing watch and seeing his wrist for time 😅 I know this is a bad joke. …but still comes under joke

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