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Hey Sunset Squad, In today’s video I shared “The Phases of Playing Welcome To Bloxburg!” I remember when I first started playing Bloxburg and I made some of these mistakes. For example, I would make my house really big and have so much extra space. I also recall my phase of “everything must be aesthetic” I think everyone went through this phase at least once or twice 🙂

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  1. Sunset I Just Started Bloxburg Yesterday Please Can You Play WIth Me It Will Really Help Bc I Wanna Know Everything About Bloxburg

  2. I’ve been playing bloxburg for about 2 years now, so I guess I’m a professional since I earn good cash and can kind of build.

  3. I don't think i have ever went through the noob stage since i used to watch bloxburg vids, tutorials and stuff like that before i bought bloxburg. So…. meh. I LOVE U SUNSET I KNOW IM LATE BUT…yea…..

  4. i've been playing for a year and a half yet still everyone else gets
    the second story pass and more robux but i dont and they also build better stuff than i do >:C

  5. Sunset…I was wondering if someone could donate me robux….I think you will accept….I only would like 30 robux o i can buy bloxburg and then buy your merch…Hopefully anyone Like anyone can donate me

    Btw Love ur vids
    stay safe <3

  6. I seem lame building my "mansion” looking thing it’s actually only a 2 story house but yeah I don’t now what to make the outside colors it’s so cute inside tho…

  7. I’m kinda of the pro bc I’ve been on bloxburg for years I have a lot of experience I work a lot I have a lot of money I build nice houses and rp a lot

  8. Being honest here, when I was in my noob phases I only used one horrible pattern and it was the rainbow polka dots

  9. My first experience was in bloxburg I never knew they had a computer so I went into somebody's house and said can I use your computer and I was so buzzed

  10. Then I built a IN PROGRESS modern mansion. But then I was left poor so I deleted it so I could make a fancy house but wish owned multi-floor pass. :’(

  11. I was an experienced player of Bloxburg already but, my house is only a family home. Although some think I'm just a noob or newbie with my house, I earn lots of money in Bloxburg plus I can work really well and was able to take care of myself really well. So in ADDITIONAL, i'M 3/4's Pro and 1/4 Newbie

  12. Is it weird I never had a noob house I had the starter house and deleted but I never built a bow house or stuff like that

  13. The first time I was building I literally took off half of the house (I just removed all of the walls) and added expensive things. after I just gave up with bloxburg and never played it again (just took 3 months off approximately) sO i aSkEd mY fRiEnD aT sChOoL tO bUiLd mY hOuSe aNd iT cAmE oUt gOoD nOt tOo bAd nOt tOo gOoD

  14. I think I'm in the……."hasn't ever played Bloxburg due to lack of Robux" phase, Yeah def that one…..

    Edit: Finally got Bloxburg literally the BEST game I have ever played, pls give me some tips, tricks and pointer in the reply section

  15. I’m experienced tho I can not build what so ever so I have to ask my friends to do it bc I’m on mo bile 😅


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