The Story of Animator vs. Animation – 10 Year Anniversary


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  1. Heat Gaming says

    More like 14 year

  2. Awakened Spirit says

    Animator vs. Animation is a Legendary animation

  3. ElectrikStatik 900 says

    Ten million subscribers. You did it, Alan.

  4. Kyle Martin says

    what is the game like

  5. Creeper43_yt says

    I can't play the Animator vs Animation game from the link in the description. Why?

  6. Spinjitzu says

    nice story

  7. Shofwan S. A says

    Your animated the best
    I'am from indonesian

  8. Infernox 109256 says

    I played the Animator vs Animation in the past.

  9. alex samway says


  10. Yazen J says

    And now 10 million

  11. Stickman Inc. says

    Alan: makes Animator Vrs Animation
    Websites known for stealing popular videos: Lets steal it
    Websites known for trolling people:let’s troll him by only giving him 75$ only once

  12. David Watkins says

    I love u alan!

  13. TheProTuber Gaming and More #TPTG# says

    Keep going Alan!! Your animations are the best!!!!

  14. TheProTuber Gaming and More #TPTG# says

    Steve: Don't give ebaum your animation.
    (Gives ebaum his animation for $250)

    (Repents giving ebaum his animation)

    (Gives money back and takes his animation and testimonial from the website)

  15. Oof Animation says

    ;o; wow so deep

  16. Samuel Productions says

    Welp its 2020 and your at 10 mill

  17. Aesthetic Animations says


  18. Rahma Mahdi says

    You're nearly 11 million subscribers

  19. Rahma Mahdi says

    Alan you have 10 million subscribers already

  20. Czech Mapper says

    Now we Are at 10M

  21. YOUR GAMER says

    we are all welcome to you fo subscribing and posting are favorite videos we love you

  22. Analissa Lowe says

    he got a acer laptop,his FIRST one,my first laptop is also acer,he grew up making animations,right now im growing up making animations,coincedence?

  23. Gamer Brine says

    Dang this man got 8M more subs in 3 years.

  24. L30MGBR says

    in 4 years you gained more than 8 millions subs wow

  25. Mr person dude says

    Alan you make the best animations ever

  26. Kevin Hu says

    omg i di not realize 1o m subscribers

  27. gizemli ses says

    Olm keşke bende böyle animasyon yapabilsem kanalımda yaptığım animasyonlar var

  28. i love you says

    Ya mean 10 mil

  29. John Lee says

    supa hot fire: I'm about to end this man's whole career!

    steve: hold my e-mail

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