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Learn the complete history of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. What began as an after-hours passion project turned into one of the greatest Zelda games of all time. Learn how the development team at Nintendo went outside the box and created The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening!

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11:30 – The total # of units sold between both versions is somewhere around 6 million

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  1. Gaming Historian says

    When Nintendo recently announced they were remaking Link's Awakening for the Switch, I was SO EXCITED. It's one of my favorite Game Boy games AND one of my favorite Zelda games. It's seriously impressive what they were able to create. By going off the beaten path and trying new things, Nintendo was able to set a new standard for the Zelda franchise.

    By the way, if you haven't already, give me a follow on Twitch at ! I record all of my gameplay footage while streaming. I talk about the creative process and it's great to have the chat around to help me get through games and show me secrets.

    Hope you enjoy the new video!

  2. Army of Ninjas says

    An amazing game. Playing through DX right now lol.

  3. Miyuru Eranda says

    The Owl in the game is definitely came from Twin peaks

  4. Anthony Julian says

    Will you do a review on the story behind the panasonic and goldstar 3DO?

  5. Ian Huh says

    This game made me so emotional

  6. Bruno says

    Kind of surprised to see you not run the game footage in 4:3.

  7. Tghooker says

    its one of the best games i've ever played and the only zelda game i've finished. i appreciate the effort you put into making this video.

  8. thug life says

    I got them all.yeahhhh baby

  9. Miguel Flagstaff says

    Who remembers the skip screen glitch?

  10. Whizzerand Chips says

    I loved this game so much I built a treasure chest and buried the game in the garden for me to dig up and play in the future. My parents moved house since then, as far as I know it’s still there.

  11. Ratius Rattius says

    Happy memories of this and now playing on the Switch! Great video thx

  12. Emilio Hernandez says

    I regret not playing this game as a kid so I can't say I share the same nostalgia as the rest of you, but I still remember being so shocked at the twist! I loved playing this game! One of the only games in recent memory that I enjoy playing over and over

  13. Pirho says

    So, Totaka ist the Banksy from Nimtendo…

  14. Konata Izumi says

    I see KK Slider in there.

  15. Jeffery Jones says

    Watching this while playing the Switch version. ^_^

  16. Wallmario234 says

    So in the past, your channel was probably controlled by Retroware, until later. Why?

  17. Clay Grantham says

    Climb to the mountaintop and crack the egg of ignorance. Life is but a dream.

  18. Austin Schulz says


  19. JOE LIN says

    The ending is sad, everyone on the island disappeared…

  20. willj843 says

    Do more Zelda Videos!!!!!

  21. Stickman Productions says

    The music in this game makes it one of the best Zelda games I have played.

  22. Parker's NBA History says

    13:35 Gaming Historian only has one icon on his desktop: "Toad Autopsy Files".


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