THIS IS COMING IN SEASON 10 (APRIL) OF CLASH ROYALE || 60k Subscriber QnA! || Clash Worlds Ep. 87


The March season is beginning to near its close, and that means we’re finally getting a peek at what’s coming in the April Season 10 update of Clash Royale. We also further break down Clash Royale’s Biggest Update of 2020! Enjoy!

also thanks for 60k subs
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  1. Legendaray says

    Giving away 10 emotes down in the comments section! To enter, comment your favorite movie, and also include your player tag!

  2. Mango says

    Cool!! I play competitive chess too! My elo rating is 2294

  3. Megadestroyer Uploads says

    Who is in season 6 now and knows what the balance changes are😁

  4. lama Y T says

    I just subed to you

  5. American Destroyer says

    Do you can play with 2.9 x_bow deck

  6. Jeenat Anowar Misty says

    who thinks his cute/handsome?😍😘🥰

  7. THE TECH GAMER says

    Please can you give me pass royale you are my favorite YouTuber and my tag is #LU882JOCQ

  8. KF Faiz says

    Lol he just got 68 k subs but got his own clash royal challange

  9. Leo Baby724 says

    NovaSuper1 and Deadpool

  10. Rene tan says

    handsome,i will follow

  11. 赵韦光 says

    We've got finally into the ''Is Taiwan a country'' problem.

  12. Mr Game says

    I use wizard all the time he is lvl11 and that is good news to go to 4 elixer

  13. Joseph Bonifacio says

    Is that true?

  14. meow royale says

  15. Florin Ionut says

    It's impresive

  16. X101GDPlaysGamz says

    3:18 it’s probably Bomber, because in Clash of Clans the Bomber is the Builder Base counterpart of the Wall Breaker

  17. Just Trusty says

    Thank god magic archer don't deserve a nerf sir tag is a fucking douche bag cry baby wah wah

  18. Giovannie Aguilar Armenta says

    I feel like this is a April's Fool prank

    Just me?, ok

  19. starmcboygames 1 says

    Can you do like a gaming with fans stream

  20. Robert Franić says

    Tmnt Ninja Turtles Out of Shadows
    Tag: #P29URVOJO

  21. BeatBoxTeen BBT says

    Gimmie emote like guys to i get it

  22. J Hamilton says

    Columbus, Ohio subscriber here! Since beginning! You're dope!!

  23. APOLLO52 _ says

    Why do I have the impression that legendary is bending forwards all the time?

  24. Eric PS Chen says

    Great voice and outro as always! Nice face cam also.

  25. Mantas Būdvytis says

    Please make Clan Wars that you need lower level(my clanmates don't have it)

  26. Grug Gaming says

    Just came back to this channel, subbed at 15k (no facecam) and you've come far! Almost FLIPPED when I saw your challenge after returning to CR! Good job!

  27. Jerry Zhou says

    Sparky needs a rework. Do you agree with me@ legendaray?
    It is really niche card, it isn't like prince, or hunter, so much inconsistency with sparky

  28. Nicholas Collins says

    Would love to see more 2.9 Xbow videos. I love watching Lemontree’s channel but he does not explain the thought process. I have watched your 2.9 Xbow videos many many times. Currently, my highest trophy count with 2.9 Xbow is 6,100 but I am looking to push higher. I am still struggling against beat down matchups.
    Love the content on the channel. Keep it up!

  29. Leandrohernan Morales says

    Are You from legendaray ?


    Godzilla king of monsters

  31. NJBear says

    does legendary play mc bedrock or mc java ???

  32. Ho-Oh Epicbird says

    What about my max star level heal???

  33. Joel Pankratz says

    Could you do Creater v Creater instead of pro v pro? I'd love to see you play against other creaters who also claim to be "not that great." Play CWA, Rich Slatton, OJ, etc.

  34. Potato Chip says

    I just noticed their is a floating island in the picture for update

  35. Henry Jones23 says

    All we need is an electric spirit

  36. Endermit says

    3:31 What is the animation?

  37. Grant Beadles says

    Home alone and name is ElecTr1fy

  38. Grant Beadles says

    Lets 1v1 dude

  39. jackson richardson says

    Legendary just wanted to say I love your vids and I’m happy you did a face reveal and I wanted you to say no reason to lack self confidence no homo but your an attractive dude.

  40. Chezzyburger Gaming says

    U r really underrated I just started watching and I love your content keep it up. Plz do some clash of clans it's my favorite game:)

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