This Town Hall 8 Base Could NOT be Beaten


This Town Hall 8 Base Could NOT be Beaten
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Clash of Clans “top lists” and guide series continue today with ECHO Gaming! As always we will be covering the top 5 best attack strategies in Clash of Clans right now! ECHO Gaming offers strategy guides, tips, tricks, comedy and playthroughs for amazing mobile games such as Clash of Clans. Come back every day all day for more mobile gaming videos with a focus on Clash of Clans.

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  1. Base link: Also did you see my video from yesterday? 💜💙

  2. If you use this base I suggest you add some width between the air sweeper and air defense to prevent lightning spells for taking out both of them

  3. I use this base in war and the enemy is th8 also he use dragloons in the top and 3 star it and also my base is max

  4. I haven’t been thee starred yet, though I chaneged some thing up a bit like the cc placement, it’s besides the th, so it has a bit of defence from cc troops

  5. I think a dragon raid with 10 dragons, 2 lightning spells and a quake spell to take down a air defense, a heal spell, a dragon,balloon, haste spell (from cc), and obviously a king to clean up

  6. As th8 i would be able to attack using 1 golem 20 hoggs and 11 wizards a pekka & archer for remaining space and 3 healinig spells and poison a freez from clan and 4 bowlers and 1 archer from clan castle

  7. Can u please do such more wars like that . I also want to participate as I'm max th 8 from 2 months and I have mastered all statergies at th8

  8. Hi guys we require members for cwl . Clan name is graveyard strit . All max troops except hogs ( lvl 8) . Clan lvl 5. Require 6 members . Players with xp above 60 and th 7 or 8 + can send me Ur tags


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