Three NEW legendary Cards!! [Ideas] New ‘Engineer’ Card in Clash Royale is…


Clash Royale – Three New Legendary Cards Ideas that I think are cool ideas to potentially add to the game! Feel free to share your own new card ideas in the comments!

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  1. What do you think of me new card ideas? What new card do you hope to see added to Clash Royale?

  2. I’m thinking a deflector shield . Maybe more fun . A giant trampoline , to protect
    Your towers from a fireball or rocket . If you put down the trampoline in time it will
    Launch the opponents spell against them on a random spot on the other side of the map

  3. I would like a legendary card of an Irish man with a large beard who can deal huge damage just by keep talking. Thanks

  4. I would like Clash Royale to make a dark king tower card. It would be a legendary, but it would cost 10 elixir. It shouldn't be over powered so it would use on of every 3 elixir gained ( that is, until it dies). The purpose of this card would be an additional tower you could place anywhere on your side of the arena, for example, it is overtime and your opponent uses a P.E.K.K.A. It lumbers toward you 100 health princess tower. You think, "Well, I will just use my skeletons!" But your opponent knows that you were planning this. As you place your skarmy arrows destroy them before they can even look at the towering P.E.K.K.A. You decide to place your last stand, the Dark King Tower. Even though it will cost you a lot of Elixir, you can still win the game. You place you distraction and the P.E.K.K.A turns around and begins attacking your extra tower. By the time the P.E.K.K.A destroyed your Dark King Tower, it was too late. You had already sent a counter attack and won the game.

  5. This is not related to this troop but….I wanted a card to be a single unit 4 elixir with a gun which threw lava and that would deal a constant damage to the hit area for 2 sec(splash) and hp the same as miner and hitspeed of 2 sec(only ground units effected)


    Maybe switch the lava to poison gas (attacking both ground and air) and 5 elixir

    But that's just a thought…

  6. My idia would be a werewolf are pretty weak but every attack he does his power will be increased, his elxier whould coast 4

  7. Legendary building that houses troops inside. Below is a barbarian that only attacks close ground troops. Above is an archer who can attack ground troops. When the building dies they both spawn out. Extended idea: ground troops ignore the top half of the building and go to the tower after destroying the bottom half

  8. What about something simple like a 4-5 defensive elixer building/spell card 💣/mine trap that the opponent can’t see and when they walk near it or possibly fly over explode and do the same damage that giant skeleton’s bomb deals or bomb towers bomb


  10. Let me get this straight. You hate xbow. But you want the obvious unbalanceable engineer. Then, you want a baby dragon attached to a “tank”. Is that health specific? Because lets say your tank gets caught by a rocket and its health is low. Does lizzy attach then? Is there an exact hp threshhold? And how do you expect players to know if your tank has already passes said threshhold? Then, you come up with the GENIUS idea which is literally a flying firecracker. What the heck bro? Either its broken or would be useless bc there is already a much less complicated card that does literally the same thing. Heres a good idea. Alchemist goblins. Same exact stats as spear gobs but they are 3 elixir and throw small viles that make mini poisons for like 3 seconds. Not broken, little damage, can be zapped, 3 elixer. Only difference is it can take out a minion horde or the support behind a tank if the obvious answer isnt in hand.

  11. i know how to make the mystery spirt not op when tou ceyel it says a random number and any troop that cost that much elixer it will spawn

  12. i know how to make the mystery spirt not op when tou ceyel it says a random number and any troop that cost that much elixer it will spawn


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