Top 10 Best Hill Stations in India – Most Beautiful Hill Station


Top 10 Best Hill Stations in India – Most Beautiful Hill Station. इंडिया के दस बेहतरीन पहाड़ी इलाके . Click here for more tips and tricks information:

India is a very beautiful country and it is famous for his natures. Here you will find one of the best hill stations with Highest altitude, Coldest and Lansdown in any month. Some of the Hill station are very good in May and June Month as well.

Please find list of best hill stations here ;-
1) Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
2) Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
3) Darjeeling, West Bengal
4) Ooty, Tamil Nadu
5) Munnar, Kerala
6) Nainital, Uttarakhand
7) Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
8) Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
9) Manali, Himachal Pradesh
10) Mount Abu, Rajasthan

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Top 10 Best Hill Stations in India – Most Beautiful Hill Station.


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  1. yashavantaraj P says

    Karnataka mullanagiri betta misside

  2. SA Sourav says

    My house Siliguri (Darjeeling)

  3. Ajay Malik says

    You dont know proper Hindi, bad language..

  4. Ayan Bhattacharya says

    U missed Tawang Arrunachal pradesh and kohima nagaland.. i had visited these two places really very beautiful..

  5. Little Dream says

    I m so proud to say. I've visit all of these

  6. Pranali Bhamble says

    Manali is amazing… Everybody should at least once visit there… 👍

  7. Yashvardhan Patni says

    ooty is closer to bangalore than chennai, and bangalore is a bigger city than chennai. how can you miss out

  8. Raja Simman says

    Kodaikanal is my native place….

  9. sakthi vel says

    Ooty and kodaikanal is my favorite

  10. Tultul Bhattacherjee says

    Or ve Hill Station dekhaea….

  11. A and M Streamer says

    I live in Darjeeling

  12. Janbaz Janbaz says

    I love my kasmir

  13. G Santhosh ajith says

    Ooty (Catherine falls , kotagiri)

  14. G Santhosh ajith says


  15. pongmak cpk says

    How about Kerala?

  16. Wali Barakzai says

    INDIAN has lots of beautifull places i have explored alot nd really enjoyed

  17. UK07 Official says


  18. Nadeem gujjar gujjar says

    I like ooty i am from Multan city Pakistan

  19. Nayan Das says

    India ka sab hill station dikhaya lekin north east nahin dikhya toh kya dikhya

  20. Tushar Jain says

    Jai shree temple

  21. Roy Debasshish says

    North East kaha hain??

  22. Sushil Thapa says

    Lol there was no northeast

  23. Bony Mathew says

    Munnar 😍😍😍

  24. Parashuram Hipparakar says

    महाबळेश्वर (महाराष्ट्र)

  25. Wani Talib says

    I am from Kashmir

  26. Dinesh Rai says

    I love my Darjeeling

  27. Khatri Vlogs Delhi says

    I love my India

  28. Silnang Sangma says


  29. Babita Paul says


  30. Utkarsh Singh says

    I live near nanital 50 km. 💟

  31. offical punjabimusic says

    manali is number one bc

  32. Surya Mohan says

    Nice, However you omitted Gangtok Gulmarg, Pahalgam

  33. DANCE WARS says

    I love explore india channel… ❤❤

  34. Ram Dutt Joshi says

    I love my nainital

  35. Rajesh Rahangdale says

    chikhaldara, amravati maharashtra

  36. Mahendra Singh says

    Iike wonderland

  37. Mahendra Singh says

    My Uttarakhand so beautiful

  38. Sachin Kumar says

    Gantok add krlo

  39. Shoetedoo says

    Most of you don't have even a clue how much beautiful Uttarakhand is♥️

  40. Kk Studio says

  41. Nihal Ahmed says

    Tnq u so much 😍😍 love from Bangladesh 😍😍😍

  42. Ritu Sharma says

    i really like the all the palaces .

  43. Jafu Travel says

    Kerala india 😍❤️❤️

  44. study channel with RK says

    very beautiful place

  45. SOUMEN BISWAS says

    Gangtok nahi hai

  46. F C B says


  47. Mohammed Kazim says

    You were not show coorg

  48. Subir Kumar Deb says

    Surprised shillong the Scotland of the east the queen of the hill stations does not figure in your list

  49. Kumar P says


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