TOP 1000 GLOBAL W/ F2P MORTAR || 2.9 Mortar Cycle in Ultimate Champion (7000+)


Mortar cycle is back!!! Watch me push up to Ultimate Champion (7000 Trophies) with a free to play, fast cycle deck! Enjoy!
#MortarCycle #FreeToPlay
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  1. Legendaray says


    To enter the emote giveaway for this video, comment your player tag, then give me an interesting fact (this can be literally anything)

  2. the cringe man says

    I love playing this deck

  3. swankyoc says

    i want to be able to play this deck, but seeing how when you caught the magic archer with the archers and skeletons, and that caused you to win, makes me sad cuz i’m not that good 😢

  4. MangyMangoe says

    Your tornados are on point man!

  5. KHABIB TIME!!! says

    Im really strugling to choose between this deck or 2.9xbow??

  6. alex dunne says

    bro people still play this game….. It's like the gaming version of the dinosaurs….dead…

  7. Bruno DR says

    so actually the 7k win conditions are: mortar,x-bow and magic archer. STOP

  8. tansin rahman says

    U r a very good lucking guys. U will soon get popular. Keep it up❤️

  9. Deadly YT says

    My Tag:- #9LUVJPRQY
    FACT:- Heart attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday.

  10. Daniel Flynn says


  11. Μateo kodra says

    Code: 👉👉legendaray👈👈

  12. mindeavor says

    Cut down on the umm's and uhh's. Good content

  13. Ben Dullnig says

    great video

  14. Yash Aggarwal says

    Make a guide on this deck

  15. Sam Hot says

    I use your deck but instead of skeleton I use bat and I got up to 5.3k and I am level 12 mortor cycle deck is good deck

  16. إكسير Elixir I says

    Oh this is my friend TREV 😂😂😂 in 3:25

  17. Burnt Robot says

    I can’t seem to beat Golem or hog cycle 2.9 with this deck. I’m currently stuck at 6000 trophies, do u have any tips/ show some gameplay

  18. フアン says

    Hey legendaray, awesome video!

  19. Baron Niu says

    Tag #9QLUU9L82, and the entire world population could fit inside of Los Angeles

  20. Lazar says

    My first account has been stolen i would be lvl 13 for sure by now

  21. Robert Franić says

    Fact:There's only one latter that doesn't appear in any U.S. state name.
    Tag: #P29URVOJO

  22. ADEM GAMER says

    Please gus subscribe in m'y chanel

  23. Burnt Robot says

    Can I replace tornado with arrows? I’m at 6000 trophies but should I change to tornado?

  24. Java Script says

    Your so good at mortar 2.9 bro

  25. Java Script says

    Hahahah so good

  26. Ray Udenze says

    My current fav YouTuber

  27. Frosty Modz vela Bruh says

    I have been using a deck like that but instead of ice spirit I use bandit and log for arrows

  28. SM _0508 says

    Wow! Your mortar cycle deck is incredible!! You make me love the deck even more day by day through your videos😍

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