Top 3 Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans


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Top 3 Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans

Today in Clash of Clans we take a look at the top 3 town hall 8 attack strategies.

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. ECHO Gaming says

    Hey Family!!! Hopefully you all show some love to Town Hall 8!!!

  2. muneeb savage says


  3. Amit Rajgor says


  4. Syth Grg says

    Huckleberry has 3 quake and 2 heals there's a space of 6 or 5 I think he's a th9

  5. Lasantha Perera says

    boo golem cant be in th8 clan castle

  6. Cerberus8513 says

    Accept he has them on high levels for that town hall


    TH 8 max SK KING

  8. Salem Alshagga says

    How 1 heal, 1 rage, 3 earthquake

  9. weebest says

    i prefer 4 balloons, 9 drags, 1 rage and 2 lightning and 5 balloons in cc, freeze or haste in cc

  10. Kevin Benny says

    hey bro i am from india.we are building up a clan.Can you help us by giving any of your TH 9 account.please brthr

  11. StaticPlays says

    Golem don’t fit

  12. Soce 24 says

    Or just do all valk

  13. Jack Harris says

    Thanks for the vid! I just maxed my town hall 7 and now I'm just watching town hall 8 videos to be prepared for when it finishes upgrading to town hall 8

  14. KennyKingGamer says

    What an epic intro

  15. kylah Kohinor says

    this is the first time im watching coc attack strats. I've never done this before lol but going from th7 to 8 is pretty hard cuz im not used to focussing on so much so i need to work on my strategies 😅😅

  16. Skippy Ninja says

    I thought dragons were a good th7

  17. Bad Boy says

    The sec one is really good

  18. NinjaForceXD says

    Req n leave clans are giving me lvl 4 giants…

  19. deidara akatsuki says

    Gowipe with hogs at th8 is a skill attack, hard to get a 3star with that

  20. ALI Gaming says

    I used 8 and 10 wizards

  21. iRogue says

    Thnx bro!

  22. vimuth abeysinghe says

    Mass drag with lightning+rage is much easier to use

  23. Alone says

    Number 3: b u r g e r k i n g f o o t l e t t u c e

  24. BertGaming says

    Why’s this dude massive

  25. Brisa Palacios says

    Attack strategies here

  26. Faista says

    Or drag loon

  27. kk says

    if you wanna tank with dragons put 3 or 4 dragons and then the rest will be ballons and let them do their job

  28. Ron_Titan says

    I just spam royale ghost

  29. Mix Sport says

    dud th8 and golam ??? are you out your god dam mind ???

  30. ツYoutube_Vo̸kes says

    WTF I was watching the vid and Junior attacked my village while I was watching

  31. Jackie Castro says

    Kings Grave! For those of you who are looking for a war clan, here’s our clan ID #29JV2CQRC. We are active, and filled with players who donate what is requested!

  32. Fianda Rahman says

    Can you share base war th8

  33. Reverse Karma says

    You can’t hold a golem in clan castle as th8

  34. {{R3KT}} Lucifearing says

    Thx dude helped me a lot <3

  35. 2shiftyyツ says

    What about dragbat at th11?

  36. Rob Roberson says

    There was a pecks in the clan castle

  37. BlackPanther says

    I dont have lvl4 hogs so i cant do the first one but i think i would looove it 🙁

  38. Lunatic Fringe says

    I'm seriously almost stunned Echo. At TH8, the answer is HOGS, almost always HOGS. A MASS (surgical/fish) HOG RUN is almost impossible to stop at TH8 in the hands of someone who knows basic hog strategies.

    We just don't war with TH8 much at all and these examples were done with like <5 minutes of planning, but here is what I would overwhelmingly recommend:

    How not a single attack you showed included the strongest TH8 attack is strange, to say the least.

  39. John Rabil says

    U can only fit a golem in the clan castle once ur th lvl9. I think so anyway

  40. Prime Choice says

    Finally he realized lol… Same goes for the first hog attack also.. 2 golems cooked pekka in cc not a golem

  41. Vladan Swords says

    I just upgraded my Town Hall to level 9. I used GoHo and nothing else.

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