Top 5 Best Legendary Cards In Clash Royale After Mega Knight Update


What is the Top 5 Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale after the Mega Knight Update. What would be your list let me know in the comments?!
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  1. Deepali Ekale says

    My top5
    1st meganight
    2nd inferno dragon
    3rd lumberjack
    4th magic archer
    5th electro wizard

  2. Deepali Ekale says

    Lumberjack is also nice and the infrno dragan

  3. hoda rahmani says

    Mega knight
    electro wizard (my favorite)
    Inferno dragon

  4. Dirdova Jana says

    I turned notification on

  5. Danas Ja says

    I got mega knight my first legendary


    I got mega knight from a magic chest

  7. Tyler Tretheway says

    Bruh mega knight is mega annoying

  8. sridevi sridevi says

    In the way of using is the cards power , so all cards are powerful

  9. Zohal Zadran says

    Mega night

  10. venkatonline says

    5. Ice wizard
    4. Lava hound
    3. Log
    2. E-wiz
    1. Mega Knight

  11. 준영tv서 says

    I have bandit

  12. William Risse says

    What about miner?

  13. Tanishq Malve says

    I have sparky, megs knight and log

  14. Princess Mariam says

    Mega knight , bandit , inferno dragon , electro wizzed , and knight witch

  15. maya suni says

    Dude pekka can kill mega knight, bandit, el. Wizard and knight witch

  16. Prestonmations HD says

    You put the best cards in worst cards top 5 worst cards
    video, and worst in this, besides log and mega knight

  17. The Lightning 19 GFX says

    I have bandit, lava hound and lumberjack
    Bandit was my first legendary ever, I got lava hound in a crown chest and lumberjack is my third legendary.
    I turned on notifications.
    My favourites are:-
    4)inferno dragon
    3)magic archer

    Mega Knight will be 6

  18. Jit Ching Jonah Lai says

    My favourite legendary is mega knight,sparky and magic archer

  19. Aaron Dominic says

    I have badit

  20. DaqTheDuck says

    Hah, why am I even watching this. I dont even have a freaking legendary

  21. Meena Rawat says

    Who are the people who don,t even have a legendary like here

  22. Sandra Hooks says

    My favorite legendaries


    2. Princess

    3.Mega knight

    4.Night witch

    5.Ram rider

  23. l o t t i e says

    5:28 "It cannot touch any anus" LMAOO

  24. Adi B says

    1.mega knight
    2. Lumberjack
    3. Electro wizard
    4. The log

  25. Aryan Palisetti says

    I have the mega knight

  26. ooga booga says

    I got the Mega Knight from a chest hahahaha

  27. Rafael Hunn says

    2.lumber jack
    4.Inferno drag
    5.Mega Minion ik its not a legendary but i really think the mega minion is a really good card

  28. ALL IN ONE says

    Mega knight is easy to counter
    I will say the combo for defeating mega knight

    1. Minipeka and mega minion
    2.lumberjack and mega minion


  29. ToXc_DaytonYT says

    2.Night Witch

  30. Hari Kumar says

    got him in a cjhest

  31. Tristan Sentance says

    I have bandit

  32. Albab Imam says

    I hate mega knight so so so much

  33. DogArmy3000 says

    Mega knight is my favorite card

  34. three idiots says

    Who likes sparky pls like

  35. ibrahim _2008 says

    I have every single legendary I am Royale champion

  36. Hüseyin Demirci says

    I hate mega knight

  37. R6 Clipz says

    I have mega night from the lighting chest

  38. Wattup _ says

    Best Legendaries
    1. Mega Knight
    2. Lumberjack
    3. Log
    4. Inferno Dragon
    5. Miner

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