Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Jamaica


Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Jamaica ????????

Video counting down 10 popular Tourist Destination sites in Jamaica

10. Martha Brae Rafting Village
09. James Bond Beach
08. Hope Botanical Gardens
07. Blue Mountains
06. Mayfield Falls

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  1. 영상 잘봤어요. 구독과 좋아요 눌렀어요.
    핸드폰가게 영상도 보러 와주세요^^
    나만 알기 아까운 핸드폰 최저가구매가능 어플 "핸드폰가게"

  2. I disappoint the nicest place in jamaica is The Seven Miles Beach, the second is Black River, the third is Rick's Cafe, honorable mention JS Falls.

  3. I went with a private tour company called The Epic Collective. best decision I could have made! I booked online think its like

  4. Jamaica is awesome for snorkeling. Check out our video form last vacation at Jewel Runaway Bay (December 2018):

  5. What about Bath with hot water coming from the Rocks located in St Thomas and the newly open Peter Tosh Museum located on Trafalgar Road . After a trip to bath along with a Mud massage it leaves one's feeling brand new ?

  6. Is there or will there be a video on the newest attractions in Jamaica. An example Jewels and I believe it's a zoo in St. Elizabeth if I'm correct on that. If not how soon as plans are pending for Summer 2019. We need logistics to complete our efforts. Thanks!


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