Tour the SPECIAL Temple of Literature in Hanoi Vietnam (feat. Liz)


Liz travels around Vietnam. She visits the Temple of Literature and gives you a tour of this amazing place. It is full of history and learning. Learn about the Temple of Literature and practice your English.

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  1. Hello, I have studied online from Spotlight English, so Liz is my teacher! If you still in Vietnam, please visit my home, you are invited!

  2. Hello Lix,
    If I knew you visited Hanoi, I would have rushed there to see you. I live in Hanoi, very near Temple of Literature, only about half 1 kilometre

  3. Happy new year
    I'm so happy to see you travel

    Southeast Asai​ I'm live in Laos I'm reading English with spotlight of yours every day it's help me speak English very well and confident when I saw a foreigner I can respond English with foreigner easier. Thank you so much to spotlight of yours help me. Thank you Thank you.


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