Town Hall 8 Anti 2 stars War Base 2017 With Proof | CoC Best TH8 War Base "Anti-Drags, Anti-Gowipi"


Clash of Clans (COC) Town hall 8 (Th8) Defense With Replay – Clan War/Trophy Base – Anti GoWipe/Anti Dragons/Anti Hogs 2017 Update
Best Th8 War Base With Bomb Tower

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Deorro x Chris Brown – Five More Hours =

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  1. KeKSeS99 Gaming says

    Guys Check Out The New Version Of This Base Design =

  2. Delta _ says

    It's still works today 🙂 thanks (th9 1 star 85% in war)

  3. Nita florina says

    Wow its main

  4. Albaro Juarez says

    Hello do anybody have the base link for this base ???

  5. 25 4 says

    5:15 why he didn't attack the townhall directly using the remaining wizards, it's very open and the mortar doesn't reach it. LoL :v

  6. Amey Narvekar says

    Plz share the link….

  7. Célio Carvalho says


  8. A.L. Suting says

    It's good but the problem is that I can't follow it…

  9. Delta _ says

    É muita guerra ganha por causa desse layout

  10. Linus Bam says

    Is there a base link?

  11. OVN BaZ says

    3:44 base

  12. V K says


  13. V K says


  14. Ngo Tong says

    Sao ko đánh góc trên góc đó là điểm yếu toàn đánh vào tháp phòng không

  15. peter dennis cortez says

    i dont like that build becouse the clan is outside

  16. Neku Sakuraba says

    Yeah anti 2 star but not 3 STAR

  17. Fikri Mini Piston says

    Link plis

  18. Kashif Sayyed says

    sandass th8 base

  19. Aaron Galvan says

    it'$ also 1 star.


  20. Check The Last Monday says

    Lol base 🤣

  21. Hanamanth Gaddanakeri says

    Pls give your tag

  22. l l l says

    Over the years this base has been really easy to attack edit: pretty much every yt base I find in clan wars and league are a 3 star because when you watch the video it leakes the traps and over all itts just a matter of practice cause everyone uses the base and just gets easier and easier edit2 that's why you should get creative and make your own base cause you have a bigger chance of getting a defense won cause no one knows the potential of a base that is made of scratch cause I'm a max th8 and I gave my clan some suggestions to not copy of a video that is more than a year old or just get creative I made my very own base and it defends like a boss it gets very high 1 stars

  23. Asmia Ali says

    It's been two years, I wonder if it still works.

  24. iskandar azim says

    i need link plssssss

  25. Crazy south says

    Put the fucking link is it so hard

  26. Crazy south says

    Link to copy please

  27. Rhadj Ian Manuel says

    how to copy this base?

  28. Pain - Gaming says

    I fought a clan who had this base. I got a 6 pack using hogs

  29. Blak C says

    All the replays had horrible attacks…so its easily 3 star base…

  30. MadMatt9007 says

    You have received level 7 Balloon from fuzzy duck!

  31. Kobrasix says
    Here is a Link of the base

  32. Big fat Squash says

    J use 20 hogs and 5 drags and 4 hogs in cc, and 3 heal spells and 1 poison and 1 ice in cc and a barb king,
    1. Drop barb king near enemy barb king to distract him while hogs do their work
    2. Drop hogs preferably near an AD, heal them when needed, drop poison on enemy cc troops or barb king, after hogs take out some stuff drop 1 or 2 drags and once they start the funnel drop the rest of ur drags, i always get 3 star or high 2 star

  33. DHINESH mech says

    What is name of that Alan Walker track?

  34. StrafinJr says

    If u want to three star this base design, run a GoVa strat

  35. 0bdex code says

    Anti 2 stars. But a th12 attacked me. Lol.

  36. koalas OG says

    Why didn't you let that shit capture it it's all blurry and shit

  37. Ģämìņğ pŕø says

    My tag is #Y2YUCJO22

  38. Ģämìņğ pŕø says

    Join my clan tag is #28UQ82VPQ

  39. Gavin vlogs says

    This is the base I’m looking for !

  40. Ayan kadian says

    It is a easy base I can defeat it with drags

  41. BrianJ720 says

    thats hella smart yo

  42. Kenyon Wade says


  43. Kenyon Wade says


  44. Kenyon Wade says



    I Can Burn It Down By Hog Raiders 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. xYZ gaming says

    U can clear this base with only lvl 3 dragons

  47. xYZ gaming says

    It doesn't work

  48. Wiebahh says

    it took so long to get the walls right .

  49. Mvp Lord says

    Anti 2 star but not 3 star

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