Town Hall 8 (TH8) Dark Elixir Farming Base | COC TH 8 D/e Protection Base + Replays


TH 8 Dark Elixir Saving Base (Anti Giant bararch valkyries) | i Jack Sparrow CoC
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  1. Andrew Patterson says

    What's the best cc troops for this base?

  2. Megatrow_F_Gamer Respeita says

    Link Pfv

  3. Piyush Yadav says

    nice bas e

  4. Adam Korsunski says

    very easy to 3 star with dragons

  5. Martin Grey says

    not good base for me because enemy always took all my dark, sorry

  6. Peter Bergman says

    best base I've ever seen for dark elixir

  7. Bryan Dedon says

    I guess it's good for a giant attack bc that's all you showed. would love to know if it's good for anything else. I think a dragon attack would take it out easy. there's a ton of other attack types you didn't show. I didn't see any golems or valkyries or dragons or Pekkas and the only person. to use balloons didn't deploy them

  8. AppleStrafe says

    I have 2 left over walls…

  9. movie-relax says

    not work for anti dragonnnnn!!

  10. Nelea Florinel says

    you need to be full to work this base?

  11. Turbina says

    Alguien que me ayude hice la misma aldea y me falta un muro

  12. Matei Seals says

    hog paradise…

  13. Jonathan Abreus says

    Air rapes that base sowry no good lol


    great base

  15. Keval Gandhi says

    hi jack sparrow,i liked your base build videos but I m looking for th 8 hybrid cum trophy base can u make it……tq.

  16. TØFY says

    Nice base. Thanks I love this base ♥
    You are the best 💪👏👌👍

  17. cristhian julca lopez says

    a th7 stole all my dark elixir :v

  18. Jonathan Abreus says

    Took me a while but I believe is worth it! Nicely done! Thanks!

  19. Prasanna Rajbhandari says

    Omg!! How do you even think of these awesome bases..

  20. Arif Nst says

    thank you dude 👍

  21. A K says


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