Tribute to Gene Deitch – Passed away at 95 | Director Tom & Jerry | Popeye


A small tribute to the legend “Gene Deitch” who is a Oscar winning illustrator, Animator and Director of World’s Most Famous Cartoon “Tom & Jerry” and “Popeye”

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Disclaimer : This cartoon part of the video is not owned by me. Credits to WBTV for the best cartoon of everyone’s childhood. I intend to pay a tribute for “The Legend Gene” with some of his anime cult work of his lifetime ❤️

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Eugene Merril Deitch was an American-Czech illustrator, animator, comics artist, and film director. Based in Prague since 1959, Deitch was known for creating animated cartoons such as Munro, Tom Terrific, and Nudnik, as well as his work on the Popeye and Tom and Jerry series.

Deitch, one the directors behind one of world’s most popular cartoons, Tom and Jerry, died in his apartment in Prague, his Czech publisher, Petr Himmel, told The Associated Press.

Born on August 8 in 1924, in Chicago, Deitch, whose full name was Eugene Merrill Deitch, was known for directing some of the most popular animator cartoons, including Popeye the Sailor Man, Munro, Tom Terrific and Nudnik.

He had directed 13 episodes of Tom and Jerry and multiple episodes of the Popeye the Sailor series.

Deitch arrived in Prague in 1959 on a 10-day trip, where he fell in love with his future wife, Zdenka, and decided to settle down in the Czechoslovakian capital. He created some of his best works while living in Prague.

Deitch’s won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1960 for his film Munro. He also received nominations for the same category twice in 1964 for Here’s Nudnik and How to Avoid Friendship.

Another series, Sidney’s Family Tree, which he had co-produced, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1958.

He received the Winsor McCay Award for his lifelong contribution to animation in 2004.

Deitch is survived by his wife and three sons from his first marriage. All his three sons are cartoonists and illustrators


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  1. Belly Eatz says

    Do support my channel by Subscribing and sharing this nostalgic video to your friends guys! Don't forget to mention who is your favourite? Tom or Jerry??

  2. Joshua Cadaa says

    We lost another legend R.I.P Deitch without you our childhood is not awesome.
    This is the only my fav.
    Deitch reminds me of my grandfather we always watch tom and jerry together, and now i will say 2 legends passed away without my grandfather i don't know what is tom and jerry is.

  3. WS MAX says

    Oh man!!! Miss those beautiful days
    And RIP to gene deitch for making our childhood memories sweet😭😭

  4. Alessandro Damassi says


  5. MANI KANDAN says

    Literally,we are so miss u dear sir.

  6. Louise Cabrales says

    He's a Legend

  7. Restie Javelosa says

    It was so sad because he didn't only make us happy when we were small but made us happy while crying because of the happiness he bought to us. I think no one can surpass the idea he had on his mind than the idea of directing of the new director of the new Tom and Jerry. RIP IDOL your workpiece will be remain in our mind and heart!.

  8. Mary France Tillor says

    My childhood 😇
    Tom and Jerry I love this so much. Gene deitch, most amazing director I love it so much….

    Rest in peace 💖

  9. IoanaIsabell Loms says


  10. Maitrey Mishra says

    Thanks mr gene deitch for making my childhood unforgetable

  11. Sans 48 says


  12. Vangala Arundhathi says

    thank you for making my childhood most memorable.. 💕.RIP sir😭

  13. An ge says

    Thank you for bringing us Tom & Jerry. Rest in peace

  14. Kris Ea says

    He made every human in the world to enjoy watching Tom & Jerry cartoons. Now he has gone to the Heaven to make Jesus to be happy.

  15. Joydip Samanta says


  16. DominusAssasin says

    im sad tom and jerry was my childhood show i loved it😢

  17. Seniore Shovan says

    Who came after Angry Prash video???? 😷😷😷😷

  18. Ciec Ater says

    And tnx for our childhood

  19. Ciec Ater says


  20. Abdul Kabeer says

    I've seen that ep it was sad af

  21. Wizzy Pablo says

    Can anyone one give me reason to dislike this video
    Who are those unhuman peoples who dislikes this video

  22. Debashish Sarker says

    Stan Lee and Gene Deitch both legend past away in the age of 95

  23. Brad Cachero says

    i miss all of gene deitch directs to all of animations.. gene deitch rest in paradise my man 😥😥😥😥..

  24. Alltalk says

    Im so grateful for the memories he made for us. May he rest in peacefully.

  25. Da_bluetank says


  26. MR. FAV/V2 says

    I watched every cartoon Gene Deitch made since 2009 this made me sad remembering my self watching Popye the Sailor Man and Tom and Jerry at the same time😨😭😫

  27. Chetana L says

    RIP sir…. 🙏
    Without u our childhoods would have been nothing..
    Thank you for making our childhood amazing…. Nothing can ever beat or not even come close to Tom and Jerry and Popeye..
    I never thought I would become this emotional after getting to know he's no more… My dad also said that his favourite is Tom and Jerry and it still is ..
    Such a legend..
    Miss u a lot sir..

  28. Shah Fitri says

    When i was child i always watcing tom n jerry;(

    So sad

  29. DRAGOMIA says

    I cried after 2 years
    He was like a legend
    Gene Deitch plz reborn like legend and makes smile on our face

  30. Polygon Jelly says

    He was the man who made my childhood very happy 😊!!
    R.I.P Gene dietch you will be always alive in my heart ❤️😢

  31. BLADE GAMING says

    I'm so said that story and thank you director for being fun and love and happy from our peaple wacht Tom and Jerry thank you

  32. Fun Gamer says

    Tom is my favorite

  33. Ekaterina Marinova says

    Music pls?

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