TRUE BEAUTY Drama Adaptation 2020 CONFIRMED!


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‘True Beauty’ Webtoon Trailer:

True Beauty is one of my current favorite webtoons and hearing the news that it will have a drama adaptation got me excited and happy. My actor choices are ASTRO’s Eunwoo (Suho), APRIL’s Naeun (Jugyeong) and SF9’s Rowoon (Seojun).

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  1. Breanna Reyno says

    I want baekyung from extraordinary you to play seojun

  2. lovinloona says


  3. Roseなおみ says

    Finallly??!?!?!?!?!? Is this REAL?! I've been waiting for a long time….

  4. Aulia gacha Wolf Official says


  5. AA Nation says

    i don't know it's real or not but people said it will be gfriend sowon. Please don't hate me it what i heard

  6. cljl_xo ุ says

    Kwon Hyubin is also one of the top choices of many fans <3 he even did a short skit of him acting as Seojun

  7. Marygrace Juanito says

    Hindi pa na confirmed Kung si jisoo ba talaga Ang hahanap sa true beauty …wag muna mag expect

  8. Txtwice says

    I feel like April’s Naeun would for the role really good! Or actor Kim Sohyun 🥺

  9. PurpleGalaxy wWolf says

    Sorry but in my opinion the female lead should be the one who was the creator of true beauty because she looks exactly like the girl in true beauty👀

  10. Tiff Tiff Martinez says

    I rly hope jisso nd cha eunwoo get to b the lead actors😴

  11. Christine Garcia says

    I'm excited on what arc they are going to take for the live action!

  12. Marianne Llave says

    My opinion:

    Jisoo as Jugyeong she totally fits the role especially she's really pretty who agrees with me?

  13. Ally Playz says

    Idols/Actresses that can be Jugyeong
    1. Kim Ji Soo (BLACKPINK)
    – Jisoo looks like Jugyeong and her quirky personality fits Jugyeong
    2. Elkie Chong (CLC)
    – Elkie looks like Jugyeong in some angles and Elkie was already an actress before her debut in CLC, Elkie also had a role in a Korean Drama and Elkie is pretty quirky too.
    3. Kim Seol Hyun (AOA)
    – Seolhyun can easily be Jugyeong or Sujin. Both of them are foodies and Seolhyun is already an established actress so it should be easy for her.
    4. Kim So Jung (GFriend)
    – As a buddy I do think that Sowon can be Jugyeong since she looks like Jugyeong in some angles and she really looks like "Meme Face Jugyeong" when Sowon makes a funny face. I don't know if Sowon and Eunwoo together would work and I feel like Sowon is very tall and Jugyeong is pretty short.

  14. Ellen Joy Pabriga says

    Cha Eun Woo for Suho
    Rowoon for Seojun he can sing too ❤
    Jisoo for Jugyeong please! 😭🙏

  15. Chaeyana Marie says

    I heard IZONE minjoo was offered a role to be jugyeong …. i dunnu xD

  16. Sawmtea Ralte says

    I thought Twice jeongyeon is going to be jugyeong
    That's why I want to look this drama so I support Twice jeongyeon

  17. BTSKOOKIE 9121 says

    Suho: for me(eunwoo)
    Jugyeong: for me(jisoo)
    Seojun: for me(hyunjin)

    They are perfect for the role i hope they get picked

  18. BTSKOOKIE 9121 says

    Hyunjin should play the role for seojun! His facial features are on point and his acting skills are amazinggggg

  19. Adrienette4life says

    tbh I don't want Jisoo to play as Jugyeong…Jisoo being an idol and all doesn't suit Jugyeong's personality…I think they should choose someone who isn't an idol..(not really sure who but someone not quite recognized should play the role in my opinion)..CHA EUNWOO ON THE OTHER HAND SHOULD DEFINITELY TAKE THE ROLE. And Hyunjin can be Seojun..

  20. Adrienette4life says

    AAHHHHH YESSSSS….I legit burst into tears when I found out about the drama adaptation especially since Cha EunWoo was asked to play as Suho…Ever since I saw Eunwoo, I couldn't help but want him to be Suho if True beauty became a drama (especially because of his leading role in My Id is Gangnam beauty being so similar) and now I can't wait to see how the drama turns out!!!TEHEHHEHE I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!<3<3

  21. yugbammm says

    by the way there's some RUMOR that Jeongyeon of twice got an offer for Jugyeong

  22. yugbammm says

    I also hope Jisoo will get the role, but Jisoo isn't in the YG artist list anymore

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