ULTIMATE Plants Vs Zombies 2 iOS Hack Unlimited Coins, Suns, Leafs, Cash and MORE FULL TUTORIAL


Updated Hack:


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Works for Jailbroken iDevices ONLY (NO COMPUTER REQUIRED)

iFile is free from the Xsellize Repo for Cydia:
Hack file Download (deb):
Hack file Download Backup Location:

Original Hack Creator Forum Post:

Text Tutorial:

– For Jailbroken iDevices ONLY:

Step 1: Install iFile from the xsellize repo in Cydia and reboot

Step 2: Install the Hack deb file from the above website and reboot twice

Step 3: Go into Settings then PvZ 2 Hacks and enable the hacks you want

Step 4: Go into PvZ 2

Step 5: Enjoy !!!

Hack features:

– Sun Hack
– Coin Hack (after first level)
– Free Plants (no sun cost, even if its displayed)
– Instant Planting
– Everything free in Store (THIS HACK ISN’T CURRENTLY WORKING)
– Instant Kill Stones (Gravestones and so on)
– Leaf Hack

^^^^^^^^^^ THIS HACK IS OUTDATED ^^^^^^^^^^

Updated Hack:
Note: This is a sponsored video

Nguồn: https://offkilterbike.com

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  1. Holdini’s Zone says

    Did this work for anyone it didn't let me download ifile

  2. Kennedy jimmy says

    First ever 2017 person

  3. متيمة فلسطين says

    USE THIS–> https://www.facebook.com/1735744196649637/photos/a.1735748939982496.1073741828.1735744196649637/1735748863315837/?type=3&pidid=14a5644a-5937-4272-90f0-2bd42c1621e6 IT IS THE WORKING Pirate Kings Hack TOOL THAT WORKS! ENJOY! ULTIMATE Plants Vs Zombies 2 iOS Hack Unlimited Coins, Suns, Leafs, Cash and MORE FULL TUTORIAL

  4. Asa outlander says

    guys look in 1:36 he downloaded the hack in cydia he lies

  5. Alfie Skrub Person says

    Did anyone else get free cydia tweaks when they got a jailbreak? I never had to pay for shit on cydia.

  6. George Olvera says

    How do you get cydia

  7. AJ Zomboss says

    WHAT is gameplayer one

  8. Ehsan Alidrissi says


  9. Ehsan Alidrissi says

    What is the network name

  10. albert labita says

    i canot download it

  11. Stewie Nguyen says

    But how can u do in the tablet

  12. Cayden Evans says


  13. ekkis45 says

    the gorian do you have a hack for the game elgard..thanks

  14. eldrick says


  15. Plunkyy says


  16. NickyMorg says

    guys theres different hacks directly on cydia that actually work dont listen to this guys bullshit

  17. Rene Perez says

    It doesn't work, I did everything as you said like 4 times, waste of time

  18. Salo DiP says

    Does not work the site I tried a thousand times to help me do it

  19. Zhymu zhyper says


  20. JHEMvZ says

    didnt worked now..
    before yes but now no
    so upload the update or solution please

  21. TheFoxfourty8 says

    It worked before guys! Too late!

  22. Naif Alb says

    waste of time .. fuk u !!

  23. Billy Sastard says

    its easier to hack pvz on android,,, using freedome 

  24. Billy Sastard says

    wow donate b4 u can see the hidden files… so ths hacking tools cost money? wtf mn

  25. Uriel Delgadillo says

    Doesn't work

  26. Huichi Goh says

    I dot't have cydia

  27. Norys Gil says

    Where's pvz 2 update 4 ?

  28. Faiq Fadzil BlackMivec says

    I want the new version 1.3 hack PvZ 2 plzz 🙂

  29. Muhammad Iqbal Nurhaq says

    Guys I've downloaded a legit Plants vs Zombies 2 hack from this page here goo.glIkFyK3

    by Ray Jones

  30. mingmar lama says


  31. MrGorian22 says

    Tell him that hacking is fun and awesome. These days, people don't have time to spend on playing a game over and over for something they can hack in 2 seconds.

  32. Ocean Ho says

    I want to ask my brother but my bother said why I want to hack everything.

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