Using Autoclicker in Minecraft


Using Autoclicker in Minecraft

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In this video I’m using the highly requested keyboard & mousecam in Minecraft UHC. I tried to get the highest legit CPS while still having good aim, I’m also planning on upgrading to a new mouse very soon because I’ve been using the Razer Naga for way too long. So look out for a new mouse unboxing very soon.

Texture Pack:
Dryad 16x
By Keno

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If you’re reading this, comment telling me what gaming mouse you use?

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  1. Melvin Brink says


  2. Goody Howdy says

    I Love dem. (.-.)

  3. Goody Howdy says

    Coronavirus Memes.

  4. Phystals says

    Hey Tom, keno is making a 32x version of the pack you're using in this video

  5. LamaSlayer12 says

    Make it a plastic texture pack please!!!!

  6. Diggy says

    omg hax!

  7. Rikka Takanashi says


  8. Eruption_Games says

    "With everything going on around the world, I just want to play some Minecraft"
    -Such Speed 2020

  9. SplitRealiity says


  10. Joshua Leach says

    I use a auto clicker [its free]

  11. Kiro says

    Pack ?

  12. Mike Harkins says

    What do you feel about my cousin using an autoclicker in HCF and other 1.7 gamemodes? He has cerebral Palsy. He cannt use his fingers well at all. He scroll wheels to hotbar mostly and he does have some trouble with moving. He cannot click to pvp. He can click about 1-2 cps. He just does not have the ability to spam click the mouse. I feel like he should be allowed to use an autoclicker, and tbh, I feel like servers should just allow autoclickers in general. Maybe have a server approved Autoclicker with a CPS cap for people who have physical limitations with clicking. Would level out the playing field that is for sure. But I feel absolutely terrible for him because he loves Minecraft and PVP and want to PVP, but cant because of his physical condition and it literally breaks my heart that he cannot play without risk of being banned from a server he loves.

  13. potato gamer says

    My auto is 40-cps lol

  14. Mooshy Swags says

    I like how so many people are scared of corona virus because it’s “famous” now even if there are way worse diseases that are even more widespread… society is weird

  15. Kaedanplayz says

    This is very counter productive

  16. yalex LMAO says

    I use rokat kova

  17. Jank memes says

    speed finna get banned on hypixel just you watch

  18. Maya Quinn says

    i average 14 cps but i am still crap at pvp

  19. xMasterSkills Fazex says

    Suchspeed: In this vid we are autoclick 😀

    Also suchspeed: why did shotgun raids music start playing?

  20. Otaku Rapper says


  21. ChamPow Gaming says

    Where's the autoclicker?

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