Walking Tour of Hanoi's Old Quarter | LIVESTREAM VIETNAM #3


It felt good to Livestream again! And apologies for the end of the video getting cut off. Happens sometimes when doing mobile phone livestreaming.
So this walking tour was of Hanoi’s famous Old Quarter, the oldest area of Hanoi with origins dating back more than 2,000 years!
It’s also the most condensed area of Hanoi, with over 70+ streets and alleys, and tons of shops selling everything from bamboo ladders and silk pajamas to egg coffee and world-famous street food.
My livestream of Old Quarter does it no justice, it’s just one of those places that you need to see and experience yourself!

Join me as I experience food, culture, and exploration in Asia!

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  1. I am here now and it doesn't look this way. This must be very early in the morning. I went out walking and there were thousands of motorbikes flying by in these narrow streets. Sidewalks are filled with retail and bikes, so I had to dodge speeding motorbikes all day long. I left the next day.☹️☹️😥 And they park rows of motorbikes all across out into the street. VERY walking unfriendly! Grab bikes just sit filling corners blocking all walking paths.

  2. cảm ơn cory tôi mong bạn có nhiều video trải nghiệm ỏ hanoi …. bạn còn ở vietnam không?

  3. Wow cool, stumbled onto your feed, you got some cool tour videos. Id like to see a picture of you with all the gears. must be hot in that weather…. subscribed

  4. Why are so many Korean in Vietnam now? I've been going to Vietnam a few times over the last year and never seen so many as this last summer.

  5. I've just gotten around to watching this. You are the best tour guide I have ever experienced. Even professional network programs do not have your vitality, knowledge, and compassion. You are always a joy to watch. We will never get overseas now because we are waaaaaay too old so thank you for bringing the world and beautiful Vietnam to our door. Many good wishes to you and your audience :>)

  6. Hey Cory, thanks for the videos of Vietnam. I have a question for you. Since I am a white american (german/english ancestry), how would I be treated in Vietnam? Would I get stares? Would the Vietnamese people be rude to me? Would I be in any kind of danger? Would I be harassed by the police? Would people try to scam me? It would be nice to visit Vietnam but for some reason I get vibes that I would not be welcome. Can you clear some of these questions up for me?

  7. Nice Idea. I just think maybe its not that easy doing that on Da Nang cause more distance so no pedestrians there ..,?

  8. This is so beautiful, what a vision to see, love everything. Thank you so much for sharing this your the best Cory!😁👍

  9. Wonderful idea, Cory, to take this long time around Hanoi's old quarter. I continue to be in Hanoi with you.

  10. hello, I am Vietnam. I m living Ho Chi Minh city. I like your videos about my country.I can improve my english consist of listening and speaking skill

  11. On the scooter issue… Maybe the next time you get to go on a trip or vacation to a less populated place you can rent one and make a point of riding it for as much as possible sort of get your bearings on it.

  12. Sorry I missed the stream live. I feel you with the heat an humidity. Here in Ohio its been low 90's and 70% humidity sometimes higher. Love the video. Hopefully one day I will get to see the world.

  13. About driving a motorbike: just be alert with fatal accident..If you hit someone on the road dead..you have 2 options: stay or leave the scene.
    There was one fatal incident that one viet man hit a girl dead and he left the scene and the second man passed by and pulled over to help and the dead girl’s father came from behind with a hammer knocked on the man head, he died instantly..just be alert riding a motorcycle if fatal accident happen.

  14. I always have to stay up pretty late to study and I always open up your lifestreams even when I've already watched them because your walks are so calming haha I hope you will stream more often. Even if you just sit somewhere and eat, I would watch it 😀 greetings from Germany (procrastinating right now)

  15. Possibly getting an Internship in Ho Chi Minh in the fall, any advise for first moving there and getting started?

  16. Do vietnamese people take a lot of pictures of western tourists? I remember when I was in China for some months it was sometimes hard to move because so many people wanted to take a picture with me (I have very pale skin and blonde hair).

  17. You should visit Phu Yen. It’s a breath taking place. It’s surrounded with mountains and the ocean. Not many people know of that place. Of course the food is very good too.

  18. Vietnam has a very messy history…they fought with China and Mongol in the past 2000 years and then fought with Japan, French and America…tons of wars they had been through.


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