What Is LIV Morgans New Gimmick? More Details On Hana Kimura! When AEW Sign Brain Cage? WWE NEWS!


What Is Liv Morgans New Gimmick? More Details On Hana Kimura! When AEW Sign Brain Cage? Wrestling News!
Spoiler For Monday Night RAW – 01:14
WWE Booked and Cancelled a HUGE Match! – 02:07
More Details On Hana Kimura’s Passing – 04:29
Interesting WrestleMania 36 Plans For Hulk Hogan Revealed – 07:54
Who is Asuka’s BIG Challenger? 08:54
What Is Liv Morgans New Gimmick – 09:29
John Cena’s Huge Donation To Shad Gaspard – 10:00
When Was Brian Cage Actually Signed! – 10:55
Why Cody Rhodes Used STINGER’S Splash and MORE! – 12:27
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  1. Kairi Sane did a good thing for Hana trying to help her, that was really nice of her, and even tho this did not end as everyone wanted it too she still showed a good act of kindness, and as it relates to the individuals being scared about what they did I personally don’t feel sorry for anyone involved. I would have loved to see Liv Morgan in the triple threat match instead of Natalya.

  2. Payback will always be around to bite Hana's suicide leaders in the ass. I believe there is a virus but it is not as serious as they make it. It was cooked up in a lab and is being tested on humans and the government is getting money off of it. The government is also fabricating death records by threatening coroners with jail time if they don't put a Covid-19 related death on every certificate. The money that the government makes from this so called pandemic is being handed out to us and that is how they can afford the stimulus checks. I will not be a puppet to this money laundering scheme and I will fight for my rights and I also don't need vaccinated and get sick or even chipped

  3. Glad the battle royale got scrapped, common seriously vince was guna have hulk win? Fkn insult to the other guys even though the match itself if just a gimmick..

  4. Knee jerk reactions are NEVER a good way to create political policies. Thank God we're protected by the 1st amendment in America. How easy would it be to abuse a law that's quickly drawn up to "hold online bullies accountable?" Considering that Twitter, Facebook etc deem anything promoting a conservative agenda as "hate speech" as a way to ban the users, its pretty obvious how something like this can be abused. It's sad that people do shit like that, but holding them accountable through new laws, is a terrible idea and will be misused sooner rather than later. People think calling for shit like this is a way to show how much you care, it's not.

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t Respect or feel sorry for any1 that tries to kills themself my mom tried to 1 time n I never looked at her the same specially cyber bullying you gonna really let what pplz say online to you bother you that you don’t even know nah that’s weak as hell

  6. I wonder if wwe realizes that the reason they are loosing so many viewers over the last month is because of the Autio and visual tech people's fault as we haven't been able to watch Monday night Raw, NXT, or Smack down in the past month because the picture is So Glichy and the sound goes out with the picture. If this was a problem in the station it wouldn't be happening on both USA, and Fox, nor would the commercials be clear as a bell but messes back up when programming is back on. Please fix your tech problems wwe or your going to lose all your viewers!

  7. WWE needs to get rid of Nia Jax or at the very least pull her off tv and train her some more she’s so dangerous in the ring

  8. Slat rock wrestling, your video quality has gone down, and now all you do is clickbait and capitalize on sad news with unproven rumors….very disappointed

  9. Hana will be missed, she was a beautiful lady an a terrific wrestler. The wrestling world has lost one of it's brightest stars. RIP Hana.

  10. The people who bullied Hana Kimura to suicide each deserve a life sentence. Because if you bully someone to suicide you've basically committed murder

  11. Wow so wrong so sad .cus she had so much patinchel to b something ….and she was very young ….people need to remember how much ur words can have such a effect on someone.imbrace ,love and lift up….so much in the word going to be beat each other down…..love one another .and be nice.remember its us against them .not us against us. So sorry for the lose to her family.and crime shad …..is gone he was a good performer and he was funny ….and thank cena . U are a good person .and a hell of a star
    The rock needs to do something for shad too…if cena can go out like that .i think peoples champ.could too.the man left a fsmily behind and he was a star.hope others support on that.love my wrestling

  12. She did what she did. No one forced it. Clearly she was addicted to social media. Either get off sites like twitter or….suicide. Wrong answer.


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