Where is the iPhone Flip?


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A year ago, I made a video about how foldable devices were the future. Or at least a big part of it.
After all, the history of human technology was the history of foldables. From books to wallets, we humans just love to fold everything, including our clothes and our food.

I even mocked up folding iPhone concepts in Photoshop that look a lot like what the Modern Moto Razr and just-announced Samsung Flip turned out to look like.

And, now, because those phones are coming out, people are wondering out loud — Where is Apple’s iPhone Flip?

So, where is it?



Apple Foldabes:



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  1. I use a phone as a communication and information device. Not for gaming or video watching. A flip design works well for this. It could have 2 screens, It doesn't have to be one folding screen. The flip action has to be perfect though.

  2. I mean… I have a tiny bubble under my screen protector on the right hand side. Tiny but it still bothers me. I don’t even want to think about a bloody crease in the middle of my screen. It’s just ugly!

  3. Apple 🍎 won’t let SAMSUNG get over on them without making some kind of flip or fold something w/ a pen 🖊 of some
    sort . Will I buy it , yep dumb ass me if I can figure out how to afford it . On I phone pro max now 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Foldables – an uncomfortable transitional phase. We are reaching the limits of non-wearable-phone potential. Apple may be waiting for it to pass. In the absence of holo-projection or some such, we may have to wait for sleeves or glasses or, neural interface.

  5. Yeah apple has 10 years of RnD on foldables.🤣🤣🤣🤣 This guy is a delusional apple sheep. Basically his point is why cant you steal this tech and just stick an Apple logo on it so me and my yuppie white friends can have it. Buy from it Samsung winecave Rene

  6. I don’t give rats ass about foldable anything. And I’m one of those guys who has had the latest and greatest since the 1st Motorola “bag phones” that had about 15 minutes of talk time! Move on, with more capabilities to “slab”.

  7. I like how everyone on the comment section is so confident in knowing what the future in smartphones is going to be. No one really knows. Live in the now people.


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