Working Minecraft PE AFK Fish Farm 2020 (Working 1.14) Afk Fish Farm 2020 // NEW AFK FISH FARM!


In this video I show you a new working afk fish farm for minecraft pe working 2020 1.14 1.15
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  1. Gayformoleman says

    Heads up, in order for this to work on Pocket edition the split control setting must be on or you wont automatically switch between the fish and pose options

  2. Ice Cream says

    It does'nt work for me

  3. Aiden cobo says

    I don't think it works for the current update

  4. As 713 says

    It doesn't seem to work for the new update

  5. Callum McNeish says

    Dowsnt work on 1.16, it cant activate the pressure plate and fish and the same time

  6. woosh bait says

    I was totally a PC gamer but I broke my mouse, now new one is taking 3weeks to arrive so thank you so much mate

  7. Dominic Hernan says

    I'm on mobile:(

  8. Joseph Walker says

    When I fish the pressure plate won’t go down I’m in 1.15

  9. Drei Gamponia says

    Bro how long will the auto clicker will click on its self?

  10. Reuben owen says

    Saldy doesnt work 1.16

  11. Brylle Enriquez says

    I am pretty sure it does not work anymore in

  12. Freddie Jackson says

    It doesn’t work clearly I’m doing something wrong but it’s just placing the water next to the post I don’t understand what’s happening

  13. John Paul Ibero says

    The items are not going to chest but rather on me, i checked the hopper and its connected to the chest, what to do? Help please

  14. Jude Potvin says

    Does it need to be an iron trapdoor?

  15. Minchan kim says

    Um it does work but i dont get any fish in my chest

  16. xKittiechu x says

    How long do we place the timing?

  17. Andres Garcia says

    There no app in iPhone

  18. Joe Mama says

    What’s the app on apple

  19. Tristan Padilla says

    this does not work on the nether update 🙁

  20. KameronWeird says

    how do you get that cross hair in the middle of the screen :edit name tags for days

  21. Bya Kuya says

    Underrated video

  22. Shamil says

    Anybody in 1.16 got this working?

  23. Carpentry First says

    I did everything the video said, switched my Minecraft setting to split controls and I still can't get it. My guy just whips his rod back and forth like a spasm.

  24. Bahar Bayrak says

    All the fishfarms only work on creative for me. It works but only on creative I do know why I even switched my creative world to survival and it worked before but after it didn't

  25. MrRafy YT says

    Dude the auto clicker didnt work, it just dont do anything pls help

  26. Tomato Toes says

    Omg it works for a sec i thought It didn't work cause my controller has a built in auto clicker and I can't ajust the speed but it still worked tysm

  27. Bella Dolor says

    I didnt work can you in my Minceft Game

  28. Zamirul Alam says

    Kan you do link if we not found auto clicker plz i Will sub you thx

  29. Sorru says

    Why does mine keep spamming xD

  30. UltiCC says

    can put a link for the auto clicker?

  31. Emil Aertbelien says

    It worked fine yesterday and today it doesn't work anymore

  32. ᜄᜒᜁᜂᜈ᜔ ᜋᜆ᜔ᜁᜂ says

    does this work in

  33. tobiisnuts says


  34. milonkiva says

    This aint working

  35. The R3d3clipse says

    Guys can u help me pls my fishing rod doesnt hitting the water the armor stand pose work but my fishing rod doesnt hit the water

  36. Stelmaria says

    My armor stand doesn't place. Can anyone help me?

  37. The Game Addict says

    pose doesnt work when im in survival :/

  38. Nathan Rhodes says

    Has anyone got this to work for ps4

  39. Sanjoe Timothy Tan says

    So the main part is the auto clicker

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