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  1. Such a great change. I missed my main man wu kong and can't wait to get back playing him. Any idea when this goes live?

  2. Would not surprise me if people start playing him support as dragon is main focus and more enemy's end up bot

  3. Only change they should actually make is the e change. His old kit has a lot of flaws but playing around them was what made the champion fun imo. Riot needs to stop making every champ a jack of all trades

  4. I don't think this fixes the problems that wukong has, all they did was make his kit less shit. I don't understand why they wasting time trying to give him this small rework, when he still outclass by so many other champs with better kits. Wukong supposes to be a bruiser trickery but yet you still can't move your w and what happened to the w change they had in mind when he cast his clone he leaps forward so he could go over a wall. there so many things they could do to make this champ better but they too busy overloading new champions kits for it happen.

  5. How do people enjoy this garbage ? Most of the time he just f*ing reads the description of the abilities as if we all cant read like holy shit ????

  6. still waiting for it. Jungle is so painful on live with wukong, this rework makes him so strong in his clears.

  7. sad i thought the ult would be better if the staff grows bigger over the duration and does more damage and larger radius, with a final blow like a q but side ways dealing extra damage

  8. Love the video man. All business no click back. I’m subscribing! I unsubscribed from Prof. Akali because every video title is 100%Broken OP FreeLo build you MUST SEE only here! ( but he takes off name plates and plays in iron or bronze.)

  9. I main wukong and although these changes are awesome, I already know I’m gonna get pissed off cuz everyone will ban or play him now

  10. Wukong is my most played champion by far, I think I like this rework, its more like a huge buff than a rework I feel, a buff which is long awaited for.

  11. im one of wukong mains. 1m mastery. im really happy its not getting beat like other champs got it so far. skills similar.. little changes. so far seems really cool! gona try it out. i dont like how they delete old champs and make new one with same name. thats just stupid. i lost like 3 main champs like that. had 400 or 600k mastery and havent played it a year :c so really happy its only little changes! great video!

  12. i get radiant wukong skin shard > i search youtube for the skin spotlight > i think about spending orange essense on it while i play 2 games > i take a break go to youtube they recommend me 3 wukong videos > i click this one > i go get the skin > i feel lucky and sad in the same time


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