Wukong Top vs Sett – KR Master Patch 10.6


#MonkeyKing Top played by 절대남탓하지말자, #KRMaster 72 LP
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More information:
– Runes: 00:15 (Conqueror)
– Damage dealt: 26:45
– Ability: 26:50
– Build: 26:55
– Skin: General Wukong
– OP.GG:
OP.GG link maybe not working because summoner name has changed!

More replays:
– Wukong:
– Top:
– KR Master:

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  1. Maokai -_- says

    This are not challenger Players,
    Bronze Players confirmed 👌😂

  2. Dimmerfaaanaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaaha says

    How did Wu know that Sej wouldn't gank at lvl 1-3?

  3. zRose says

    probaly i'ts the first time that a i see our videos am i from brazil and i need to do that question, wtheck is that login screen? are fro KR or just from our videos?

  4. Quốc Anh Cac says

    Trinity Force & Black Cleaver?

  5. Krzysztof Grajkowski says

    That's a bad example of wukong play, if you want pro wukong gameplay write to me!

  6. Kai-Jui Chen says

    Am I the only person here think this play not good?

  7. janeq says

    ale nob nie polecam zły przykład na pokazanie gry

  8. Nickzz says

    9:04 you mean to tell me that is challenger decision making?

  9. Khương Nguyễn says

    Đánh ngu vl

  10. Terror says

    This is hella bronze, guyy can't even cs.

  11. đình hậu lê says

    Need to neft haha

  12. deenus says

    i was just thinking of this idea, i queue up and wukong gets taken from me with elec ):

  13. ray says

    explain to me how he missed the first 2 cs as a master player, and sett wasnt even there. even an iron player can get the first 3

  14. Joshlafrosch says

    i guess there will be alot of otp Wukongs now

  15. Kyri says

    Is kaisa a proplayer? I ask because of his spanish name lol.

  16. Ollis Letellier says

    Looks promising

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