You're Welcome (From "Moana") – Dwayne Johnson | Lawrence Park Duet


Check out Lawrence Park’s latest cover of You’re Welcome by Dwayne Johnson from “Moana” brought to you by Smule.

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About Lawrence Park:
Lawrence Park is a Korean-American R&B singer from San Francisco, CA. He currently lives in San Diego, CA.

“All I want to do is love, motivate, and inspire through my music.”

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  1. 진진 says

    진짜 볼때마다 노래 너무 좋다~~♥
    목소리도 딱 제 취향이시고 넘 잘불러요😻😻

  2. 링씨행복 says

    하하하하 닮았어~

  3. Ahmed Ibrahim says

    That was AMAZING!!!!!! I actually thought u were him!!

  4. Patricia Liimatta says

    I like this song by Dwaynne Johnson from Moana

  5. 1alimaj says

    🥰 your voice is marvelous ❤️

  6. Giselle Sanchez says

    Omg his voice gives me goosebumps! I love your voice!

  7. Dan Horn says


  8. tamir erdenechuluun says

    OMG, WOW

  9. Name wird gesucht says


  10. Yasmin Lawson says

    Maui is this guy on steds

  11. Mary Rollins says


  12. jer-row-me says

    ALL THE HATER OUT THERE YOUR WRONG BOUT HIM every one sings in there own way what if they bullyed you because the way you singed calling him a clown NO COOL ( and buy his merch i cant bc im broke right now)

  13. victoria sophia says


  14. Aimee Tait blogs says

    Wow you both look the same and you have an incredible voice ! Sending love from Spain

  15. SLR Artistry says

    ijoilhatjojlFjfjR z xox

  16. 나대지좀말지? says

    오른쪽이 마오이죠? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Right is Mao? lol

  17. ALEX WOOJAE KIM says

    머릿결 모아나보다 더 좋은거 실화? ㅋ

  18. Aryan Tamloi says

    Lawrence moana 🤣🤣

  19. jennifer jimenez says


  20. ESSUU1 says

    Marry me

  21. 6欠 says

    The same hair and, same tattoo??

  22. quiltedquickerpicker says

    Matching tatts xD

  23. Lory Laugan says

    The real voice of Mowi is darak

  24. rosy cheon says


  25. Vittoria Millesoli says

    I love his voice!!!!

  26. et Harrie says

    실사판 모아나 만들면 저 역할로 캐스팅되셔야하는분

  27. Serae 28 says


  28. Luisiana Yaneth Castillo Lopez says


  29. Afiahenewaa Sylvia says

    Seriously… You are very good.. Woow.

  30. ahmed makhlla says


  31. Random 4 says

    Work on your voice it’s so close for where it’s perfect

  32. Fatima Bounouh says

    You’re Voice is so nice

  33. CALVIN VO says

    Best singer I heard tbh

  34. rosangela santos says


  35. Crimson Danner says

    You’re welcome

  36. Javier Virgen says


  37. Nathaniel Rolando Estigoy says

    Hahhhh you are great

  38. Giedrė Latvėnaitė-Staškevičienė says


  39. Sudam Wijesinghe says

    Its anoying when you over lap your voice

  40. Jodi Vetterkind says

    Love ❤️ you u look 👀 like isic to me

  41. meri soares lopes says


  42. Silvana Silvana says

    Ficou parando na música

  43. Silvana Silvana says

    Seu otario vídeo ideota

  44. Emma Daly says

    i like watching your'e welcome from moana dwayne johnson lawrence park duet

  45. maja estrella bugarin says


  46. Avalanche X says

    This is the first time I saw this guy
    Beginning: LOLOL What the fck is wrong with this guyLMAO
    End: Shiiiiit this guy amplified this song x500

  47. Luna around Japan says


  48. RaffyESPA Official says

    Now I know why you have so many tattoo bro hehe😜😜

    Good vibes bro

  49. RaffyESPA Official says

    Now I know why you have so many tattoo bro hehe😜😜

    Good vibes bro

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