Zavi – Fantasy (Official Music Video)


Zavi – Fantasy (Official Music Video)

Prod. Trapstarwith13 x Arkaybeats

(Long Live Juice LLJW4L)

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Video shot & directed – @grapeproduction

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  1. Zavi says

    5000 comments 🔥🔥 , grand prize to whoever I see streaming this song the most 🔥

  2. Preston McConnell says

    This song is fire

  3. iiMKS says


  4. NLE Nick says

    This right here a vibe zav I can hear this in a slime vet on the highway with a sunset🛣️🏎️🏎️🌆🌇🌇

  5. Charles Dupuch Jr. says

    Underrated channel this is fire asf, and is a dancer and a rapper,

  6. Kapalot King says


  7. 2nde14 QARQOURI Othmane says

    I stream it like a mofo

  8. Mioftu Kurkura says

    When a new song coming out?💕💕

  9. EPIC GOKU101 says

    This is fireee 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Pedro Santiago says

    It's ok but sounds just like everyone in the rap game give us something different bro

  11. H&R Skene-Labbe says

    Bro zavi this fire yo love that jacket tryna find one irl

  12. Jay says


  13. IRB_boss Official says

    Yo this song is so hard 🔥🔥🔥 I’ve listened to it like 1000times 😂

  14. j bros says

    Love this song iam tell My kids this was Lil uzi verte 🔥

  15. LKZIIN says


  16. Z says


  17. LOUIS _ SAIPH says

    Just discovered this. And this track fire😪🔥🔥🔥

  18. Rico Montana says

    Just found this 👀🔥🔥

  19. ZACK'S SAGA says


  20. ZACK'S SAGA says


  21. ZACK'S SAGA says


  22. ZACK'S SAGA says


  23. ZACK'S SAGA says


  24. SelfMadeJoshh says

    Wow this a serious hit ❤🔥I Love this song added to playlist lets work brother 💪

  25. Aaron Kilbert says

    Can I sign u with my record label

  26. Danson Kibe says


  27. lil cow says


  28. Lil' Devil says

    Sounds like sad from xxx

  29. GamingWithZenTenker Yt says

    GoT 2.1k in 1 month..

  30. Adeyemo Simon says


  31. Rimaj Oncier says

    Yo zavi u recorded this from ur house studio?

  32. RobloxWolf says

    I think your better than drake

  33. Keith Adams says

    20 time I played this in three days dont no how to stream dog my bad on that too lol I would die for u love I lost my love cant feel the best best part in the I ya ya ya love that shit too

  34. Keith Adams says

    Hard shit out flat out Baltimore fuck with u yeayeadummies ahit 🐐😁😀

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