ZED vs RIVEN FULL BUILD FIGHTS & Best OneForAll Moments!


Hello, today you will watch RIVEN vs ZED FULL BUILD FIGHTS video. Let’s determine the winner by commenting.
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How do we prepare our Full Build Fight videos?
First of all to make our content unique by selecting different champions in the game we make the plan of our videos.
🔷Step 1: It takes more than 2 hours to shoot the video.
🔷Step 2: After shooting video in the game, we use the “League of Director” program to get 360 degree fps and the time we spend in this program is over 30 minutes.
🔷Step 3: If videos are ready, we start working for high quality editing. The time we spend in editing programs exceeds 2 hours. Programs we use to edit our videos
💨 Adobe After Effects
💨 Adobe Premier Pro
💨 Sony Vegas Pro. We use three Programs because we add high quality effects to make our videos unique.
🔷Step 4: We spend 30 minutes to prepare Thumbnail. The program we use is; Adobe Photoshope CS versions
NOTE❗ In all our videos, we change the items and try them one by one. Please do not make comments as the item has been wrong.

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  1. PLEASE GANK says

    ONE FOR ALL Moments 3:05

  2. xCallous says

    riven won

  3. phat ngo says

    riven won

  4. Pro player says

    Bugrar todood

  5. Frz God says

    M7 zed my ass

  6. wiyo Martinez says

    Cómo siempre con las builds mal

  7. Aduk3N says

    This zed is bad , he didnt swap even once with his shadows to dodge rivens abilities

  8. Cloud Silver says

    Why people dont understand this?This is a solo where opponents need to suffer from enemies's full combo.If one dodges too much,he is sure to win.That's why people in the videos never dodge or do something like that.

  9. Kirke Fi says

    Aga earlyide Çek

  10. Dawid Bieryło says

    Better zed wins

  11. RED SHADOW says

    A good zed, including ll stylsih, could ezily predict and dodge riven's abilities. :/

  12. Funkipor says

    New Nasus vs Cho gath

  13. Vien Dt says

    zed win vì riven khống chế gần 2s . vs zed ko có chiêu nào khống chế lại

  14. Stefan Kostic says


  15. Reyni Manuel Peralta Correa says

    Riven es la counter principal de zed, yasuo, talon, akali, kata, ahri y otros asesinos mas.

  16. 신봉선씨 says

    둘다 죽거나 리븐이 운좋게 딸피로 살거나 둘 중 하나다.

  17. William Cortes says

    zed m7? wow

  18. Charles Fuentes says

    When pro zed kill riven "prrrrrrrrrr its everywhere"

  19. Garen 4 Ever says

    I just can say RIOT NERF ZED

  20. Esege says

    Riven wins everytime vs zed

  21. baten kaitos says

    Zed didnt only lose style

  22. DINH TUAN PHONG says

    Zed dont have mortal reminder so that is problem

  23. SSM says

    Where's Duskblade on Zed and why Sterak's? You could at least build Edge Of Night

  24. BAT MERT says

    Riven Win Only

  25. TM Sniper says

    skill matchup

  26. Cez DRAGON says

    Zed win

  27. Mert Dalbaş says

    Omg this zed so bad

  28. WildLifter says

    iron zed btw

  29. Jorge Fernando says

    Riven vs Volibear

  30. Sawyer fan says

    ever played Shaco vs Yuumi OFA?

    Yuumi wins for some reason but they cant push
    its 10 vs 1

  31. Just some dog With internet access says

    Wtf is this iron riven?!?! Can’t even do the basic fast combo and eats a full zed combo shouldn’t even get hit by 1 zed Q on riven

  32. Orochi_963XDZ says

    Fiora vs Sylas go?

  33. TheGonzzok G5 says

    Riven vs yi gooooo plis xd

  34. No. says

    Zed can easily delete riven if this pkayer wasn’t a complete moron.

  35. Riven Lai says

    Of course Riven win

  36. Kian Paulino says

    Skill Matchup

  37. Michael Jackson says

    Zede karşı fani mi alınır?Can çalması mı var sanki zedin?Can biçen olsaydı riven rahatlıkla alırdı dislike.

  38. Shut Down says

    LL stylish meet boxbox, who will win

  39. Chaos King says

    Zed lose to reven

  40. animations by T says

    Zed could dodge a lot of rivens abilities using his shadows

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