Zoochosis: Escalator


There’s no such thing as a free ride.

Written, Directed and Edited by Patrick Scott
A Zoochosis Production
Produced by Nikos Bellas & Ryan Nicholson
Cinematography by Peter Soto, Alex Merkle and Maximilian Sperber

This short features the acting talents of Michael “Mikey” Lange. You can see more of his stuff by clicking the link below. He and his Navy Seal of Comedy are responsible for a hilarious rendition of “Dramatic Interpretations of Facebook – Middle Schoolers”:


Michael Lange
Brittany Escobar
John Scillieri
Maya Bradley
Fiona Stout
Bethany Regan
Reanne Helo
Whitney Fortmueller
Tiffany Gonzalez

Full Cast/ Crew List:

“Strauss – Blue Danube Waltz” by Apollo Symphony Orchestra

Nguồn: https://offkilterbike.com

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  1. Diente_de_Leon says

    12 de april …..2020.
    cuarentena on.

  2. Kfc says

    What is ed sheeran up to now 🤪

  3. S Smart says

    guess girls don't like watching this video, right?

  4. avuis huk says

    Nice colours of panties and shapes of booties…. good looking..

  5. Sami Ullah says

    im watching this with while people dieing from corona rn

  6. Sami Ullah says

    man this is crazy xD how can he die like that xD

  7. V Valdi says


  8. Deathcoldan says

    "We men are simple creatures. But anyway,God in his infinite wisdom made us that way so we could enjoy those precious things that make life worth living"

  9. asdf ghjkl says

    What a shock!!

  10. Andrew Castillo says

    Epic face !!!!!!!!

  11. Part of Everything & Nothing. says

    Young fresh feminine beautiful 😍👏😁

  12. Baris Olekli says


  13. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says

    my man is an arse man.. man of culture
    1:11 i like that Satisfaction smile latching onto his lips.. Respect

  14. Antonio Colespe says

    Imagine his face when he's bald.

    -johny sins .

  15. BC Brandt says

    Well, that got dark.

  16. CB0T says

    RIP Warrior.

  17. chit htun says


  18. tehsing sun says

    Very creative!

  19. `•Cotton Candy says

    Wtf died😂

  20. Eric erker says

    wtf he actually died hahah

  21. Minang Min says


  22. имя отчество says


  23. David Anthony says

    What a shifty bastard

  24. I made Wibawa says

    Aku pengen ajak ngentot

  25. benny huang says

    I feel like I watched this when it came out, then 7 years later YouTube recommended it to me, coincidence?

    2019 gang here

  26. Kenzo gaming says

    He got his karma

  27. Retarded Monkey says

    his face had me fucking rolling. wow what a video LOOOOOOOL

  28. panjiyudis STW says

    Good boy…..👍👏

  29. el-macheda bindunisiy says


  30. Sandy Nyesss says

    I feel someone

  31. Pramudya Hastanto says

    I love that's 😍😍😍

  32. ALEXANDER'S says

    I loved

  33. Sega 777 says

    Запрещенная реклама ?

  34. SVT Whines says

    Copyright anyone?

  35. Anjith H says

    One of the best videos on YouTube ! .Hope you soon get the views you deserve .

  36. L Y X E E says

    When life hits u so hard that u are at the verge of ending it all, I promise, shit like this motivates you to STAY ALIVE

  37. Adrian Aldueza says

    The man had too much for his lifetime. He deserved his death. Rest in pieces bastard!

  38. Killua says

    Like si viniste después de ver el video del zoofilico :v

  39. Fabio Laurindo says


  40. Robert Lo says

    It's oky!….not that bad!….makes me laugh at the end!…

  41. 귀멸의네즈코 says

    아 창의작이당

  42. DESI KHANA YouTube Cooking Channel says

    Chocolate ❤️

  43. Ixan Joe park says

    Deep breathe… hehhhh

  44. Jorge Elias says


  45. danny lofaro says

    I just got 15 bags of kisses and I’m headed to the mall. Oh and I double knitted my shoes!

  46. Gratisindo Official Video says

    Ide cemerlang

  47. MegaWatch says


  48. Smart Boi says


  49. K.J Grim says

    Escalator should be on a loop!

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